Decoration of bottles guarantees product protection against forgery

Date: 12 September 2013
Source: DanCo Décor Company
Along with the aesthetic advantages, bottles decoration ensures a high degree of product protection against forgery.

By creating a special image of the product and making it more recognisible, decoration helps to distinguish original products from counterfeiting.    Specialized decorating equipment guarantees high quality and durability of the design elements put on the glass surface.The participants of the illegal market can not afford to buy such equipment and, as a consequence, do not even try to compete with legal manufacturers and reproduce decoration, which can be made only in automatic mode and with help of high-tech equipment.

Sergey Danilov, director of DanCo Décor Company, thinks that the use of complex technologies plays an important role in the fight against counterfeiting: "The use of complex technologies of decoration presents another level of protection against counterfeiting. For example, if you use several decorating techniques - screen printing with various colours, hard firing or UV- drying, frosting, multistage foil hot stamping, then the reproduction of this complex is difficult not only for the illegal players but and for some official decorators. By the way, the decoration in this case does not have to be complicated and costly. To protect your drink against counterfeiting you can choose the decoration at a reasonable price, which can be almost the same as the cost of the paper label. Along with the complex technologies, DanCo Décor Company uses innovative methods of decoration developed by its technologists. New developments also provide product protection. They create unique visual effects, which helps a consumer to distinguish original production from a forgery".

600450 Decoration of bottles guarantees product protection against forgery

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