Customer Service 2.0 at Bystronic Lenhardt

In line with all new plants, the Bystronic Lenhardt GmbH which is part of  Bystronic glass Group, has now launched an optimised, spare-parts catalogue tailored specifically for customer machines.

In CD-ROM format this enables customers to easily identify the required parts and order them directly online.  This speeds up the entire delivery process while helping to prevent any wrong orders”, Harry Auer, Head of Customer Service summed up regarding the improvement.  The manufacturer of machines and plants for insulating glass production has provided a spare parts catalogue on CD-ROM for eight years now. “The parts catalogue is recognised by customers as an extremely useful tool having become firmly established with our customers,” Harry Auer was pleased to report.However, there were various reasons for a m oder nisation: thanks to an improved search feature, which not only sorts keywords and machine structure, but which can also search various categories. The user can now find the appropriate machine part far more easily. Now, for example, wear parts such as seals or rollers can be collected into a group, while durable machine parts such as motors or bearings are located in their own specific category. 
Intuitive Operation
Each individual spare part is accompanied by a photo which immediately appears to the customer in the overview. “This not only makes it easier to identify the correct part, it is also in line with the current standards familiar to users in online shops”, explained the Head of Bystronic Lenhardt Service. In view of this the visual display and navigation also underwent a complete redesign. Customers can place the required parts into the shopping cart at the click of a mouse and then confirm the order straight away online. The customer is then immediately sent an order confirmation email. Alternatively, customers can also request an offer to match their requirements before actually making an order.  
To ensure that the new spare parts catalogue is practice-oriented and user-friendly, Bystronic Lenhardt GmbH actively involved several customers in the development process: this enabled them to test the improved service throughout autumn 2009 for the first time, after which they offered their opinion. At the same time consideration was given to the fact that over the past few years users’ habits have also changed in relation to internet browsers used: the new catalogue display and the online ordering process function fully independently of the actual internet browser used.

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600450 Customer Service 2.0 at Bystronic Lenhardt
Date: 1 April 2010
Source: Bystronic Glass

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