Curvet S.p.a.

Curvet has made its name as one of the foremost companies in this sector. Thanks both to its continuous work of research into ever new and avant-guard technical solutions, and to the commitment of specialised personnel who work with enthusiasm and true professionalism.

Curvet has been able to perfect exclusive methods for bending and tempering glass, overcoming every possible technical system difficulty.

Curvet is the only company in Europe which is able to produce bent glass of every type with unique and innovative solutions for every sector.

The differentiation of plants and the resulting flexibility and production capacity allow Curvet to work with many different types of bent glass in terms of both size and thickness so that times are greatly reduced thus ensuring highly competitive terms of condition.

That is why Curvet proves to be an ideal partner for companies working in the architectural field, as well as in the sectors of furnishing, household appliances, refrigeration..... a company with whom experimentation and solution seeking for every type of project can be carried out.

PIN, PLUS and BENDELTA are the elegant patterns with breathtaking innovative strength created by Curvet using exclusively patented processes.
Curvet has perfected its unique patented glass decorating process. The process uses warm glass during which the pattern which is prepared on special paper is then transferred onto the glass sheet. A special primer is also applied to make sure the pattern’s hold on the glass is both lasting and perfect. Curvet offers a wide range of patterns and for each type there is a choice of colours available for application on the bases: this means that each pattern has an almost infinite number of variants. The following work can be carried out on Pin, Plus and Bendelta glass: cutting, bevelling, hole making, incision carving and edge polishing. Thanks to the wide range of patterns and glass thicknesses which can be used the its applications are numerous and may be of interest to many different sectors: doors, room partition walls and windows, floors, tiles, bathroom and kitchen counter tops tables, safety glass, showcases and shelves general contract work.

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