CozE Performance Glass Introduced by AMSCO Windows

Date: 1 May 2007

AMSCO Windows introduces the next generation in energy-efficient windows - CozE performance glass. To provide homeowners with an ideal blend of energy performance and aesthetics, CozE performance glass is available in three performance levels, CozE, CozE Tint and CozE HV.

CozE - the standard in energy-efficient glass

The best all-climate performance glass, CozE sets the standard with an insulating value (U-Value) that is more than 35 percent more efficient than clear insulated glass. In the winter, CozE performance glass reflects heat back into the room. During the summer, the sun's heat and damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays are significantly reduced.

CozE Tint for solar glare reduction

When solar glare is a problem, CozE Tint is the perfect solution. To reduce glare effects, CozE Tint reduces the amount of visible light by almost 45 percent more than CozE glass. And in sun-drenched areas, like the West and Southwest, where solar heat gain is also a problem, CozE Tint reduces solar heat gain by almost 40 percent over CozE. When compared to ordinary insulated clear glass, CozE Tint's solar heat gain reduction jumps to more than 65 percent.

CozE HV - High visibility with superior energy efficiency

Striking a balance between energy performance and visibility has been a challenge -- until now. The latest innovation in performance glass, CozE HV provides superior energy efficiency with high visibility.

"CozE HV is the ultimate in energy-efficient glass," said Steve Sullivan, director of marketing for AMSCO. "Until now, homeowners have had to choose between a clear view and protection from the sun's heat and damaging UV rays. With CozE HV, homeowners can have both. It lets in more light and keeps more heat out so their home will stay comfortable without any room-darkening tints."

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