China Glass 2010 To Be Staged In Beijing In June

Date: 7 May 2010
Source: The Chinese Ceramic Society
The 21st China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2010) will be held at the China International Exhibition Centre (New Venue) on 4-7 June 2010.

Faced with the global financial crisis, China carried out an active fiscal policy, including boosting domestic demand, sustaining economic growth and promoting development, and thus shook off the impact of the crisis in a rather short term. China’s economy was the first in the world to have made a turnaround. In such an environment, the glass industry has gained a relatively large increase and good economic benefits. China Glass, which has ever been regarded as a “vane of the glass industry”, again extends its scale to reach a new high. The exhibition area of this event is up to 65,000 sqm and 820 companies and enterprises from 26 countries decided to attend this show. There are 226 foreign exhibitors from developed countries including the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Japan, as well as developing countries such as Indonesia, Jordan, India, Monaco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Brazil. As they have done before, Italy, Germany, the US and Belgium organized their State exhibitors groups to attend the show. Associated with the exhibition, there will be 11 technical seminars.
According to leading persons of the Organizing Committee, China Glass 2010 has the following noticeable features.
(1) The exhibition focuses on the most advanced achievements and the development trend of low-carbon economy and new energy technology, thus playing a leading role in the glass industry.
China is presently in a rapid development process of urbanization and industrialization. The area of new buildings every year in China (about 2 billion square meters) accounts for some 40% of the world’s total. Moreover, over 95% of the total area of urban and rural buildings now in China (42 billion square meters) does not attain the energy-saving standard. As a result, 30% of the total social energy is consumed by buildings and, what is more, 50% of such energy consumption is ascribed to poor heat insulation of windows and doors. Glass companies and factories, both international and Chinese, have aimed at Chinese markets of energy conservation in buildings. Therefore, technology, equipment and products related to the latest development of energy-saving glass are the highlights of this exhibition.
Glass enterprises, renowned both in China and other countries, will promote their diversified energy-saving glass products featuring better performance, higher quality and applicability to different regions and climates of China, including colorful solar-control coating glass, new-generation high-performance low-E temperable coating glass, dual-functional solar-control and low-E coating glass, high-performance double-silver low-E coating glass, and light grey highly-shading low-E coating glass. Besides, photovoltaic TCO, and surface-modified glass such as anti-reflection and self-cleaning glass are also displayed at the show. The three typical technologies in the world for coating low-E film by means of chemical gaseous sedimentation and on-line pyrogenation coating technology as well as off-line vacuum magnetron sputtering coated products will be demonstrated at the same stage.
Owing to great application potentials of flat glass to various solar energy techniques, this event will showcase a grand spectacle of how glass enterprises both from China and abroad are striding into the field of new-energy technology and developing solar-energy glass production. Besides ultra-white solar-energy float glass and ultra-white rolling glass at the exhibition, we will see TCO film as the major material of solar-energy film cells, PVB encapsulation material of solar-energy photovoltaic modules, sealants for solar-energy glass panels, in addition to new technologies and new equipment related to solar-energy glass production.
Shortages of resources and energy and environment pollution are now a common problem of all the people in the world and new development in energy conservation, emission reduction and environment protection of the glass industry has drawn great attention of industrial insiders. This exhibition will display new techniques of oxy-fuel combustion, including new smoke-treatment techniques, oxy-fuel combustion solutions and oxy-fuel float glass production lines. Power-generation technology by means of waste gas from glass furnaces has gradually been mature in China. Waste gas can be used for power generation after desulfurization so as to save energy and decrease emission. Technology of power generation with waste gas from furnaces using different fuels (natural gas, heavy oil, coke powder, etc) and the combined cooling-heating-power system were developed. These new technologies and equipment will be pushing forward the development of low-carbon economy and new energy in the glass industry.
(2) China Glass has become the most influential international glass exhibition and stands firmly at the second place in the world’s glass industry
As the largest country in the world in terms of glass production and consumption, China has seen rapid progress with respect to architectural glass, technical glass and domestic glass. The level of technical equipment of these fields has risen consistently and the total profits in 2009 exceeded 15 billion yuan. Such a good development tendency of these industries made China Glass particularly attractive to glass-related enterprises worldwide and these exhibitors expand their exhibition areas year by year. For example, the Italian pavilion has an exhibition area of 1023 sqm this year against 660 sqm in 2009. The four exhibition halls prepared by the organizer at the beginning are even inadequate to meet the demand and another four temporary out-door halls have to be put up. The total exhibition area of this year’s show is 10,000 larger than the area of China Glass 2009 (55,000 sqm). China Glass undoubtedly takes the second place among glass fairs worldwide in consideration of either the number of exhibitors or the exhibition scale.
Many famous world-class professional glass enterprises such as Asahi, Saint Gobain, PPG, Glaston, Carl Zeiss, Grenzebach, Zippe, Lisec, Beijing SEPR are participating in China Glass 2010, which brings to this exhibition internationalism, high rate and distinct epoch characteristics. Furthermore, China Glass 2010 attracts almost all leading glass companies in China, including the six groups (Jiangsu Farun, China CSG, Jinjing Group, Taiwanh Glass, Zhejiang Glass, China Glass) whose production capacity is over 30 million weight-case, accounting for 37.13% of the total flat glass output in China, China Triumph, three large glass design academies in Qinhuangdao and Hangzhou citoes, Ruitai, Qinghua Group, Zibo GT, North Glass, Luoyang Mingte, Luoyang Land Glass, Guangdong Suntech, Guangdong Ivaco, Qinhuangdao Yuntong Glass Mech-Electro, Guangdong Fushan Machinery. From all above one can see that China Glass provides professionals from the world over with a platform for technical exchanges and trading talks. China Glass has become a more and more influential event in the glass industry.
(3) Considerate and thoughtful services
Apart from all services that exhibitors and visitors could have before, special on-line pre-registration is available for visitors this year, so as to save their time of registration on spot.Since the exhibition is held at the new venue of the China International Exhibition Centre, which is comparatively distant from Beijing downtown, the organizer arranges two shuttle bus lines during the exhibition period for visitors with admission tickets free of charge: (1) between Exhibition Center (new venue) and National Agricultural Exhibition Hall and (2) between Exhibition Center (new venue) and Shaoyaoju Subway Station.

600450 China Glass 2010 To Be Staged In Beijing In June
Date: 7 May 2010
Source: The Chinese Ceramic Society

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