Asahi Glass Succeeds In The Development Of A New Modified PFPE For Hard Disk Lubricants Using Its Proprietary Technology

Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo; President: Masahiro Kadomatsu) has succeeded in  the development of a modified perfluoropolyether (PFPE) for hard disk lubricant.

The new  product exhibits low viscosity, low water absorption and low friction properties while maintaining  the other excellent properties of modified PFPE such as high adhesiveness, heat stability and  resistance to chemicals and solvent because it is produced by applying the proprietary direct  fluorination technology of Asahi Glass (i.e. PERFECT Method).

In the hard disk drives (HDD), slider-head writes on and reads data from a disk. As the recording  density is increased each year, the head-disk clearance is getting narrower which makes the chance  of head touching down and taking off more frequently. Under these conditions, the performance of  lubricant plays a key role. In order for the slider-head to take off again smoothly from the disk, it  is necessary that the lubricant oil applied on the surface of disk exhibits both low viscosity and  friction properties.

However, the conventional modified PFPE have some limitation to improve  such properties due to their limited chemical structures and the number of functional groups.  With the new product developed successfully by the Company, we were able to improve both  of the properties by applying the PERFECT Method, which is a proprietary fluorination  technology of Asahi Glass, while keeping the other excellent properties of modified PFPE such as  high adhesiveness, heat stability, and resistance to chemicals and solvent. And this product is  expected to meet the future trend of HDDs, too.  In the medium-term management plan “JIKKO-2007”, the Company positioned both  fluorochemicals and specialty chemicals businesses as a growth business of Chemicals Company  and declared to focus on product group in which the Company can exhibit advantages. The new  product is expected to have wide range of applications other than HDDs as a new type of modified  PFPE, thus offering tremendous growth potential in the Chemicals business of the Company.

600450 Asahi Glass Succeeds In The Development Of A New Modified PFPE For Hard Disk Lubricants Using Its Proprietary Technology

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