Asahi Glass To Expand Production Facility Of Fluropolymer LUMIFLON® For Coatings

Date: 28 January 2008
Source: AGC
Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. has decided  to boost its production capacity of LUMIFLON®, a high-weatherability fluoropolymer for coatings.

In summer 2008, the Company will start work to increase the Chiba Plant’s manufacturing  capacity of LUMIFLON, aiming to eventually enhance such capacity by 50% from the current level.  With excellent weatherability, fluoro paints can substantially reduce the frequency with which items  need to be repainted, resulting in lower life cycle costs.Earning high marks for this feature, fluoro  paint was designated as the standard paint in “Guidelines for Painting Steel Highway Bridges and  Making Them Rustproof,” which are painting specifications for public bridges, which was revised  and issued at the end of 2005.

Fluoro paints are also used in a wide range of fields for products  such as industrial tanks, condominiums and single-family houses.  LUMIFLON®, which Asahi Glass commercialized in 1982 for the first time in the world using its  fluorochemical technology, is a solvent-soluble fluoropolymer used in coatings. With high  weatherability, LUMIFLON does not deteriorate for a long time even when used outdoors, and there  are many structures to which LUMIFLON-based coatings have been applied over the past 20 years.

LUMIFLON has earned high marks from and won the confidence of customers in various fields,  including large structures such as bridges, buildings and chimneys, as well as aircraft and vehicles.  Recently, LUMIFLON has also drawn attention because it has little effect on the environment,  and we expect demand for the product to increase. Accordingly, Asahi Glass has decided to invest  in boosting its production capacity of LUMIFLON.

The Chemicals Company will continue to stably supply high-quality products that have little effect  on the environment, under the motto of “Chemistry for a blue planet — we will create a safe, reliable,  comfortable and eco-friendly world with the strength of chemistry.”

600450 Asahi Glass To Expand Production Facility Of Fluropolymer LUMIFLON® For Coatings

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