The art of double-glazing

When photographer Johan Brun decided to display his dramatic images of coastal Norway on the wave-lashed rocks where he captured them, he needed a way to protect them.

So he double-glazed them.

Johan, 85, a legendary press photographer who has staged a number of exhibitions on various themes over the years, approached Pilkington's Elverum branch for help with his latest innovative scheme.

He wanted to return his images of winter to the elements that inspired them, fixing them to the rocks along the coast at Tranoy, in Hamaroy. But at the same time, the delicate photographs would have to be securely insulated from those elements.

The solution, to Johan, was obvious - but it was certainly a first for Elverum.

"The whole line got involved in the project," said sales manager Haakon Lunde. "It was time-consuming but fascinating and great fun."

Johan Brun himself worked in the evenings and into the night in order not to disturb normal production. He mounted the pictures onto the glass and the glass then went through the line the normal way.

The 40 units were then transported to the exhibition site and securely fastened to the rocks.

"Johan has contacted us many time since to express his gratitude for our interest and the way we handled his project," said Haakon.

"But I believe everyone at Elverum would agree that this was a mutually positive experience."

600450 The art of double-glazing
Date: 15 September 2007

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