Arix diamond blades/Arrayed diamond blades B

Cutting Speed Comparable data between Conventional diamond blades and Arix diamond blades1.

Cutting Speed of Conventional diamond blades around 2m/min

2. Cutting Speed of Arix diamond blades: around 3m/min

The concepts of cutting speed and tool life have always had an inverse relationship among conventional diamond tools. Increasing the cutting speed leads to a drop in tool life and vice versa. Many diamond tool manufacturers have tried to improve the performance of a diamond blade by revising the diamond particle distribution to counteract this relationship, since it is known that the cutting efficiency of diamond particles in the segment of the blade is dependant on the distribution of inter-particle distance. Up till now all have failed.

With JDR's ARIX or Arranged diamond technology, it is possible to maintain 100% control over inter-particle distance during segment manufacture.The result is that both tool life and cutting efficiency are enhanced significantly owing to the even distribution of diamond particles in the diamond segments.

600450 Arix diamond blades/Arrayed diamond blades B
Date: 10 January 2012

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