ALBAT+WIRSAM within the Glaston Group

ALBAT+WIRSAM have this July become a member of the Finnish Glaston group, mainly known to the industry as the "family" of technology forges Tamglass, Uniglas, and Bavelloni.

Proven ways will be maintained: As a member of the Glaston group, ALBAT+WIRSAM will remain largely independent and will be able to provide the market with innovative solutions together with their long-standing machinery partners.

You will therefore find us at VITRUM as usual on the A+W stand, this year STAND R29 HALL 24. Additionally, we will show at the Glaston stand the diversity of functions of our production management software in connection with Glaston processing machinery and a high-tech tempering furnace. We will be found at our ‘info point’ in the "piazza" of the Glaston stand and in the machinery section.

The wealth of new options is evident: As innovation leaders in the field of "Software for glass", ALBAT+WIRSAM will play a major role with regard to the intelligent networking and control of complex production landscapes in the realisation of the Glaston One-Stop-Partner concept: One-Stop-Partner (OSP™) is Glaston’s leading business and solutions concept for lass processing customers. It combines Glaston’s high-quality technology and software solutions brands (Bavelloni, Tamglass and ALBAT+WIRSAM) and aims to increase your productivity and capacity in the shortest amount of time, with the greatest return on your investment.

We are proud to present the latest DynOpt concepts with excellent improvements regarding yield and sequencing.

Software Highlights from ALBAT+WIRSAM:

• Fully-networked production control ALCIM: spanning the entire production process from planning, optimisation and control to just-in-time dispatch

• Flat glass Enterprise Resource Planning ALCIB for large corporations and groups of companies: data-base oriented and fully-integrated, this ERP solution supports all typical business processes, from order processing, purchasing, supplies and dispatch to production planning and control.

• Branch-specific order processing ALFAK: Windows-based and comprehensive, this solution excels in its variety and integration of commercial, technical and logistics features, accessible and user-friendly through its no-detours Windows graphic surface.

• Synchronized, continuous stream production DynOpt: dynamic cutting, sorting and optimization via dynamic buffer for highest material yield in perfect production sequence.

• Workflow, guidance and monitoring Shaping & Nesting, for all CAD and geometric shape data: precise CNC calculation, code generation, virtual digitalizing of templates and custom shapes from an ordinary digital camera

• 3-D graphics display and monitoring PMO: indicates optimum packing load, specs and sequence automatically, before the run – saving time, labour, transport racks and costs.

Dynamic Optimisation

Currently, ALBAT+WIRSAM energies are directed toward further developing their guidance software for the newest generation of cutting and sorting systems: the DynOpt, this branch-specific software series has provided the impetus for the construction and guidance of high-tech sorting systems such as the Hegla SortJet and Bystronic first’sort; the first of their kind to deliver streamlined, economic processes with optimum material yield in perfect production sequence.

See you at Milan!

OSP™ an efficient, innovative partnership system:  ALBAT+WIRSAM within the Glaston Group

2nd July 2007 – a day bringing the customers and technology partners of ALBAT+WIRSAM Soft¬ware AG a new, forward-reaching perspective: ALBAT+WIRSAM become member of the Finnish Glaston group, known mainly in the industry till now as the glass technology ‚family’ including Tamglass, Uniglas, Bavelloni, und DiaPol. The wealth of new opportunities is obvious; that which has been tried and tested remains: as a member of the Glaston group, ALBAT+WIRSAM will maintain their independ¬ence; supplying, together with their long-standing machinery manufacturing partners, innovative solutions for the world’s glass producing and processing market.

Every company owner knows that the choice of successor is crucial for the continuing life and vitality of the company, and its continuing biography. Dr. Renate Albat and Dr.Dr. Bernd Wirsam, searching for a potential buyer for some time, have – after thorough examination – selected the very best among several options. The other former shareholders, as well, mainly A+W staff, have unanimously approved this decision, thoroughly convinced of the myriad benefits awaiting not only Albat+Wirsam’s existing customers, but the entire glass processing industry!

Günter Befort, CEO of A+W and now member of the Glaston Management Board states, „Glaston’s strategies are firmly directed to the flat glass industry. As innovation leader in the field of Software for Glass, we shall play a major role regarding intelligent networking and control of complex production landscapes in the future. This, apart from Glaston technology, can of course include products of other machinery part¬ners. This is especially true for the current cutting optimization and sorting systems we have been developing together with leading machinery manufacturers, but also with regard to IG production. We are still open for all kinds of partnerships, and look forward, as the leading software solution supplier for the flat glass industry, to our integral part in the Glaston family as Glaston’s newest OSP™ solutions partner.”

One-Stop-Partner, OSP™, is Glaston Corporation’s leading business and solutions concept for glass processing customers. It combines Glaston’s high-quality technology and software solutions brands (Bavelloni, Tamglass and now Albat+Wirsam) and aims to increase productivity and capacity in the shortest amount of time, with the greatest return on company investment. By achieving the best combination of machines, services, and software solutions possible, through astute consultation and analysis, OSP™ promises maximum efficiency value to the processing chain, from individual machines and integrated lines up to full scale factory installations.

The new organization of the company has seen George Evers appointed second CEO of A+W; as Financial Director, he shall be responsible for, among others, the commercial integration of the software side into the Glaston group.

Dr.Dr. Wirsam has become a member of the Glaston Supervisory Board and will continue to work – as will Dr. Albat – as a con¬sultant for ALBAT+WIRSAM. Wirsam assures, „We will continue our work on the new generation of A+ W optimization systems, especially DynOpt, which is a real success in its ever-varying configurations. At the same time, we will continue to improve conventional optimization solutions, transferring our know-how to our successors in the fields of development and product management – an enormously important process, as our know-how is our major asset!”

“The most pressing question from regular ALBAT+WIRSAM customers,” Wirsam goes on to say, “those who have stuck with us for decades, is, ‘What is going to change in our co-operation with ALBAT+WIRSAM?’”

„The answer,“ replies Günter Befort, „is simple: nothing! Except that, thanks to OSP™ and the new synergy effects within the Glaston group, we will be able to offer even better software solutions and optimized service – world-wide.“

600450 ALBAT+WIRSAM within the Glaston Group

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