22mm-thick Black Glass, a Masterpiece in Glass Industry

It is universally accepted that black is one of the very few colors that will never go out of fashion. And also black is the most classical color.

The same is true when black meets glass.  Black glass, also known as black crystal glass, used in upscale furniture, household appliances and architectural ornament is always people's favorite by virtue of the fantastic visual effects it brings. However, due to the various limitations of conditions, such as the current levels of science and technology, completely black glass is rarely seen in the market, let alone the pure black glass that is more than 6 millimeters in thickness.  Now the 22mm-thick pure black glass sheet created by Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group with Jiangsu Crystal Glass Company Limited makes it shining debut finally. The great efforts taken by them finally paid off.

In the July of 2013, after repeated discussions and negotiations, Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group and Jiangsu Crystal Glass Company Limited made the joint decision to develop and produce thicker glass sheet together. To make sure the market acceptance, rigorous  standards about the color and quality of the black glass was proposed. It took great risks to produce such kind of glass, which challenged the protection of the expensive furnace and the current production technique. Moreover, there is no reference to learn from about the manufacturing of this kind of pure black glass whose transmittance is supposed to below 5%. It can be imagined that how many difficulties have been through during the experiment. Fortunately, their hard work has been rewarded eventually by the shining debut of the 22mm-thick black glass which is definitely a breakthrough in glass industry.

As more and more exciting news keeps pouring in glass industry, increasing people begin to pay attention to glass. It is firmly believed that the advent of 22mm-thick black glass will further boost people's confidence in the future of glass industry.

600450 22mm-thick Black Glass, a Masterpiece in Glass Industry glassonweb.com
Date: 2 May 2014
Source: www.landglass.co

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