Laminated Glass Defect: Bubbles/Blur at Perimeter

I have a residential project where we installed casement windows and door glass panel to overlook at the great panoramic ocean view.

The laminated glass on the casement windows and doors recently began showing strange blur/bubbles around the edges of the glass (Pictures Available of Condition).

Does the above condition have a quick fix (home remedy) that can be used? Replacing the laminated glass would be very costly given the amount of windows at the residence. This condition can be observed on 90% of the windows.

Is this considered a typical laminated glass defect? The windows have some 14yrs installed but is this is normal on these windows and will always have the same condition? If not, what could have caused it? Humidity, sealant incompatibility, others?

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Mon, 18/07/2016 - 09:39


Unfortunately there is any solution to solve your problem on LG. You can only replace theese units.

Your laminated glass started to delaminate. You can find more resources of delamination on theese links:

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