Quality Control
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Germany | Manufacturer
Viprotron for inspection systems in the double glazing production. With the quality-scanner-IG defects like scratches, bubbles, dirt,..., can be reliably detected.
Finland | Manufacturer
Sparklike is the developer of world’s first and only non-destructive argon analyzers for insulating glass manufacturers, testing laboratories and window manufacturers.
Germany | Other
4th ICCG - Advanced Coatings on Glass & Plastics for Large-Area or High-Volume Products - November 3-7, 2002, Braunschweig, Germany
Belgium | Distributor
Services for glass quality control. Equipment for testing and development of laminated glass, tempered glass, heat strengthened glass. Calibration, repair and maintenance service in our own laboratory for a wide range of optical quality control instruments. Testing services and assistance.
Spain | Manufacturer
GlassInspector has been designed and entirely manufactured by Spanish technicians. Due to their ease of integration, GlassInspector can be installed in any type of glass production line either new of operational.
United Kingdom | Industry service
Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS) is a leading, independent, provider of laboratory analysis, physical testing, quality assessment, failure analysis and a range of consultancy services - specialising in glass and glass products.
France | Industry service
Consultancy - Tempering process training - Consumable, Kevlar cord, cloth, for bending & tempering process - Quality control tools, Stressmeter, roller wave gauge
United States | Manufacturer
Instruments to measure the transmitted and reflected color of glass.
Germany | Manufacturer
We develop and manufacture mass spectrometer systems for process analytics and quality control, e.g. the GIA522 - a gas inclusion analyzer for smallest bubbles in glass.
United States | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of portable and fixed high-temperature camera systems for real-time imaging inside glass furnaces operating up to 2345°C and other hot area applications.
United States | Industry service
LiteSentry™ designs and manufactures patented inspection and process control systems for the glass, solar PV, and sheet plastic industries. LiteSentry has installed over 400 systems to inspect for distortion, flatness, anisotropy, recipe selection, load validation other critical metrics.
United Kingdom | Industry service
Peak Sensors manufacture many thermocouples for the Glass Industry. We supply directly to glass plants, glass furnace contractors and glass furnace manufacturers. Our sensors are used throughout the glass manufacturing process, including melting, refining or working end processes. Contact us today!
Germany | Industry service
Schlemmer Prozess Systeme GmbH autmation for the glass industry.
Finland | Manufacturer
Softeco provides machinery and instruments for safety glass production and quality control. Softeco arranges complete testing services and official test reports as well as applications to the granting authority and delivery of approvals for European ECE R43, Chinese CCC and American DOT.
India | Industry service
URS is a member of URS Holdings and operates worldwide through a series and network of offices. Currently, the company runs offices present in 44 world hubs and regional offices in over a 100 countries with a hundred thousand certified locations. We have regional offices in more than 150 Countries.