Glass Bottles
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United Kingdom | Distributor
A leading supplier of primary healthcare packaging we hold the agency for Schott Pharmaceutical Glass in the UK and Ireland.
China | Manufacturer
Aiqi China Glassware Packaging Co. We specialized in designing and manufacturing variety of liquor bottles wine container in super flint with high quality.
Italy | Distributor
Moulded glass bottles for pharmaceutical industry.
United States | Distributor
Alkem Lab Products is a worldwide distributor of laboratory supplies. Products include apparel, pipet tips, vials, glassware, plasticware, small mixing equipment, and specialized chemical solutions.
Ireland | Distributor
Leading Distributor of glass bottles and jars in the UK and Ireland
United States | Industry service
Preeminent provider of consulting and testing services to the glass industry, including breakage analysis, computer design, strength testing, product litigation, glass technology problems, and pharmaceuticals.
United States | Manufacturer
Makers of glass bottles.
India | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of soda lime flint glass bottles for parfume and cosmetic industry.
Czechia | Manufacturer
Development and production of glass containers (flint, green, HT green and amber colours).
China | Manufacturer
As an expert company in manufacturing borosilicate glass products, we carry high precision borosilicate glass tubing (Capillary glass tube). We also make glass ground joint, glassware, glass pipe, shorter glass tube, lamp shell, baby glass bottle, quartz glass product and other glassblowing product.
United States | Distributor
Major wholesaler of perfume bottles in the USA. Wide selection of decorative perfume bottles. Roll ons, perfume atomizers, caps lotion bottles and pumps.
United States | Manufacturer
Bormioli Rocco has expanded as a brand leader in the Home and Restaurant market, and has become well-known for its glass containers business for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food manufacturers.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Contract decorator of glass containers, spray coating, screen printing, sleeving, labelling, contract packing, glass quality reworking.
China | Manufacturer
Manufacturers of water meter glass, super-thin tempered glass, safety building glass, glassware, picture frame glass, electric lighting glass, electrically heated glass, heat-resistance glass, adorning glass.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Colouring & printing service of bottles, jars, candleholders, small glass items in small and large quantities either from our small range or your free issue glass.