Glass Printing
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Italy | Manufacturer
Fenzi produces paints for glass and sealants for double glazing; sister company Alupro produces aluminium and warm edge spacer bar for IG.
Switzerland | Manufacturer
All glasses, safety glasses and products that you graphic and color-framed glasses under the headings and Design glasses find, please contact Glas Troesch.
United States | Industry service
GlassPix is a high-resolution digital process for printing breathtaking images on glass. Commercial, industrial and residential uses-partitions, doors, walls, interior signage, displays, backdrops, exhibits, and artwork-almost limitless applications.
United States | Manufacturer
Since receiving our original California State license number 245291, in 1966, Armstrong has been committed to the improvement, beautification and preservation of Bay Area homes and commercial buildings.
United States | Manufacturer
At Bear Glass we know that project management and customer support are just as important as supplying quality glass. We approach your custom project not only as a supplier but as a partner. Our managers use their years of knowledge, training, and experience to assist you with take offs and drawings.
China | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of screen printing machines.
Germany | Manufacturer
*high-quality refined technical glass used in PC and TV displays, navigation systems, medical devices or in industry automation *competencies: CNC processing, screen printing, thermal tempering or chemical strengthening, safety glass, lamination, bending, etching, bonding or assembling
Italy | Manufacturer
Bernasconi Srl is a leader company specialized in second-hand painting machines for glass. our competence is to find and recondition machines and plants for glass painting: roller coaters, spray machines, conveyors, drying and cooling ovens of the main brands. we also supply spare parts for this kind of machines.
Indonesia | Manufacturer
Integrated Building Systems which include Kitchen System, Electrical Sockets, Sanitary Ware, PVC windows and Glass Processing
Turkey | Manufacturer
Camglass is professional glass manufacturer in Turkey , istanbul . Camglass has been providing Tempered glass(includes curved glass) , Laminated glass , Printed glass.
China | Manufacturer
Tempered glass, screen printing glass, colored glass, tempered low-iron glass.
Australia | Distributor
Automation System for Glass Printing and Cutting Machine.
United States | Manufacturer
“We’ve built our reputation by treating each client personally and with the utmost importance. No matter the size of the project, the same rules apply. The same respect. The same integrity. The same passion. The same attention to detail.”
India | Distributor
Online store for glass paintings, glass antiques, glass artefacts, etc.
Italy | Manufacturer
For over 40 years we engineer and realize solutions and equipments to suit your requirements for the silk printing, curing and handling of flat glass. Cugher was among the first companies in the world to automate the screen printing process on flat glass.