GPD 2021 - Growing with Partners

GPD 2021 - surging on through partnerships
Here they are! – all GPD 2021 industrial partners. Book the new dates and meet event sponsors at GPD Finland 2021 February 16 – 18, 2022.

Consistent support from HEGLA at all times

Consistent support from HEGLA at all times
Being able to support customers is always a priority for HEGLA, yet the disruption caused by coronavirus meant offering different types of service as the pandemic swept across the country.

Carl F Groupco strengthens sales

Carl F Groupco, supplier of window and door hardware across the UK, has strengthened its internal sales team with the appointment of two new members of staff.

Good morning Glassmakers!

Another day begins, old and new issues, old and new opportunities. But when you need to plan for a major furnace repair, it is time for collecting the best resources of your technical offices, focus on the weak and strong points of your campaign going to finish, plan for changes in the design aimed to improve performance, reduce costs or simply adequate your project to changed marketing conditions.