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Qingdao AEON Glass Co., Ltd. | China | Manufacturer
AEON On-line Coated REFLECTIVE GLASS is a solar control glass that has been carefully designed to meet the twin requirements of architects - the functional and the aesthetic.
Sphinx Glass | Egypt | Manufacturer
Commonly known as “hard” or ‘online: coating, the Pyrolytic coating process involves fusing metal oxide particles with hot glass during the floating process, which allows the two substances to bond on a molecular level, creating a hard coating that is both mechanically and chemically durable.
Vitro Architectural Glass (Formerly PPG Glass) | United States | Manufacturer
Reflecting beauty and performance; Vistacool® Subtly Reflective, Color-Enriched Glasses, Solarcool® Reflective Glasses
Sisecam Group | Turkey | Manufacturer
Şişecam Tentesol is Şişecam Flat Glass’ reflective solar control glass.