Wake up Glassmakers! Things will be rather bumpy at recovery, but we will be ready to help; just visit www.fusedcast.com and see how.

Date: 1 October 2009
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Date: 1 October 2009

Everyday we are being told that recession is going to an end, and still glassmakers are shutting down furnaces and refractorists downsize manufacturing capacity with structural operations.

Yes, the recession time will eventually go to an end, and the market will ramp up (almost) to the ante-crisis volumes, but it will be a very bumpy ride: the major glass-eaters like building and automotive and containers will demand more glass to companies that have structurally downsized shutting down furnaces and are in a strict financial regime postponing major repairs to furnaces, assuming risks and decreasing the reliability of operational units.But when Customer will ask for more glass, then reaction time will be a key factor to keep and possibly increase market share.Down in the chain customer-supplier this same will happen to refractory makers; “energy” for a big positive wave is cumulating right now and will give a new start to the cyclical market.Refractory makers, particularly the western, will have difficulties to ramp up capacity to the ante-crisis and this will put glassmakers in the need to explore “unknown territories” in the fused cast refractory procurement.Low cost sources will take advantage of a huge overcapacity and will be ready to supply, but it will be a very exotic business environment, with plenty of companies at very different quality level, newly formed trading and agents with low technical content.

Here we will be available to help glassmakers making the best possible decision under circumstances, minimizing the risk associate to unknown alternatives. Just connect with www.fusedcast.com and see in how many ways we can help you.

600450 Wake up Glassmakers! Things will be rather bumpy at recovery, but we will be ready to help; just visit www.fusedcast.com and see how. glassonweb.com

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