Vitrum 2015 in Unison with Expo

Vitrum 2015 will enjoy an important addition to its traditional points of interest due to its concurrence with Expo 2015, the worldwide event that will showcase Italy for six straight months.

It's never too early to start working on the next Vitrum show, and the 2015 event will already be the 19th edition: time flies and we often need to get ahead of the changes.But 2015 will be a particularly important year for Italy, one that will put it in the world's spotlight. The Expo will bring an incredible number of visitors to Milan, about 21 million according to the estimates, of which at least 30% will be foreigners, however this percentage is viewed by many as too conservative. This amazingly large public, so heterogeneous and composite by age bracket, socio-economic status and professional occupation, may have only a limited opportunity to get a look at Vitrum 2015, which is traditionally held in Autumn when Expo is already wrapping things up. But the two events will overlap, in any case, also because this edition of Vitrum is scheduled to open earlier than usual. All the Expo visitors, in fact, will have the opportunity to see first-hand how the city has been transformed, in both its appearance and urban fabric, in an Italy still grappling with the difficulties we all know so well but truly striving for a remarkable turnaround.


This goal is uniting the vital parts of our country: the firms, workers, families and students.

And as always, this will be particularly evident at Vitrum. For its part, the global market is undergoing another important transformation with the progressive settling of ex-emerging countries that are becoming increasingly similar to mature markets of the West and starting to have to wrestle with their typical phenomena, like strong competition, a primary need to invest in research and innovation in order to stay in step with the big players, a progressive increase in the cost of labor and the need to find new internal balances concerning access to economic and social well-being.


All issues that entail big changes in the global demand for goods and services and in international trade. The result is a constant re-thinking or adjustment of production and commercial policies, along with a never-ending renewal of the supply. An exercise in which Italian companies of the glass sector have always demonstrated proven know-how. There's no way to know what surprises the market will hold for the end of 2015; but we know the 19th edition of Vitrum, practically an integral part and concluding moment of the biggest international event Italy will host and play a prominent role in, may bear witness to the proverbial vitality of 'Made in Italy'.

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