Thermal Insulation Glazing in the Residential Space

Featured in this post, is a private residence located at Aachen in Germany.The project has extensively used Climaplus N, a thermal insulation glazing solution from Saint-Gobain.   Aachen is the westernmost city in Germany.

It is known for its temperate humid climate, with summers being warm and winters, mild. It is marked by a high rainfall rate and the occurrence of the Foehn winds. Being surrounded by hills, Aachen experiences inversion-related smog. The several cold air corridors of the city also have a major impact on its climate. Hence thermal insulation glazing plays a key role in keeping Aachen’s cold weather at bay and its residents, warm.

SGG Climaplus N at a private residence in Germany - Via Saint Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream

SGG Climaplus N is an air-filled double insulation glazing. The ‘N’ stands for a precious metal coating with a particularly high insulating effect which also offers a high degree of light transmission and optical neutrality. This latest generation of thermal insulation glazing keeps the warmth inside the building. It also leads to a drastic reduction in heating costs, a cosy ambience with no cold areas and reduced emissions of environmentally-damaging gases like carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide.

In the featured project, SGG Climaplus N was used for double glazing the wall panels and windows. It not only helped to maintain a steady temperature in all parts of the home, even directly next to the windows, but also allowed more space. Even when it was freezing outside, the excellent thermal insulation glazing maintained the glass surface temperature almost at room temperature.

SGG Climaplus N makes the best use of the sun’s energy and almost has no effect on light transmission. It is colour-neutral and has a guaranteed long life. Being almost 60% better than conventional thermal insulation glazing, SGG Climaplus N thus proved to be the perfect choice for this residential space in Aachen, Germany.

600450 Thermal Insulation Glazing in the Residential Space

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