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As is always the case, the GLASS, THE GREAT UNEXPECTED exhibition would not have been possible without the help and cooperation of the many companies that believed in the project.

These companies provided their experience, products, projects and time so that the public could see the very best and above all the most cutting-edge products in the world.We wanted to hear their point of view, among them are two Gimav companies.

The profile for Defender parapets is the latest, leading-edge product by Logli Massimo, which specializes in products for glass technologies.

Massimo Logli owns the Logli Massimo company, which specializes in producing technological solutions for glass, among which balustrades and glass sheet point fixing for indoors and outdoors. The company is at the exhibition with its most cutting-edge new offering, the profile for Defender balustrades: “We have something like 8,000 products in our catalog, but the Defender range is exceptional, it has a great future – said Massimo Logli – and we like to showcase it at the exhibition because it is a demonstration of how stimuli from architects can give rise to avant-garde industrial products. We installed Defender at the Artemio Franchi stadium in Florence with truly remarkable results. Nowadays, architecture plays a lot with the transparency and luminosity of glass, and we are always waiting for new ideas that can be translated into new products. This is how we can sum  up our work: through engineering work we transform the best ideas into practical solutions.”

Solar mirrors for CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) undergo enormously high thermal and abrasion stress. Duralux Solar paints by Fenzi currently offer the highest possible performance levels currently as a result of leading-edge technology.

Concentrated solar thermal mirrors are among the latest tools for completely renewable clean energy production. However, ongoing research is required because it is a new technology. This  applies to all the components of CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) technology, including the protective mirror paint which must exceed exceptionally high operating stress levels. Fenzi is one of the very few producers of this paint in the world and has developed the very special Duralux Solar Coatings range, designed and tested to withstand the required working conditions.

“We are presenting the entire Duralux Solar Coatings range at the exhibition, in the traditional  versions for copper/silver mirrors, for copper free and silver only mirrors – pointed out Pietro Ungarelli, who is head of R&D at Fenzi. The products, which are really exceptional and of a very high quality, have passed the strictest tests and offer unparalleled guarantees. The exhibition is another opportunity to showcase what a very innovative company that is always ready to invest in R&D can do. Fenzi is currently able to offer exceptional solutions in every area of its production. We will never stop innovating because the future is here, in front of us.”

Chiari Bruno is a specialized company that is developing a particular market niche, verandas and conservatories. It is always on the lookout for IG with increasingly higher performance features, to balance the contrasting needs of cold and hot weather conditions in the best way.

Also at the exhibition are companies that do not produce or transform glass, but use it for their most exclusive production. One example is Chiari Bruno, a company that is particularly focused on and specialized in a niche sector that is bringing excellent results: verandas or conservatories. “We are always attentive to new approaches and developments in glass transformation because ours is not a mature product yet and still in full development.

We are turning our attention more and more to triple glazing but this is still not enough. We are pushing to further develop technologies – explained Domenico Codoni, Managing Director of Chiari Bruno – for this reason we are very interested in what Vitrum can offer us. We are happy to display an example of our present-day production, knowing that tomorrow we will definitely be able to do more and better. Conservatories are an addition to homes, with the glass creating a new living space whose function differs from that of other spaces. We also use glass for large roofs, so it is a must to strike the best balance between winter and summer needs. For this reason we are on the lookout for solutions that can help us strike an optimal balance in terms of light transmission, heat transfer and solar factor. We are at the exhibition for this reason: to demonstrate how much can be done today and above to show what the development trends for the immediate future are.”

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