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| The increase transparency of buildings has created new challenges when the occupants could be exposed to ballistic and blast threats.
| Glass Technical Paper offers guidance to select proper security glazing for applicable threat level.
| C-Bond Systems, a nanotechnology company that improves and strengthens glass, announced today that its intellectual property portfolio has been valued at $33.7 million by a leading, independent,  global intellectual property valuation firm.
| Rapid 15-hour makeover at Barclays creates state-of-the-art high security shopfront for Birmingham bank.
| This interview is shared with permission from the “From the Fabricator” blog and features an interview with Michael Blackmore, President of Ballistic Glass and Armor Solutions.
| There’s a stark reality to designing glass entries – they remain vulnerable to impact. Nowhere is this vulnerability felt more strongly than in design for education facilities. The increase in school shootings has become a sad reality in American…
| Combined entity now is the largest supplier of transparent armor to the Department of Defense.
| Wrightstyle’s steel and aluminium advanced glazing systems mitigate against fire, bomb/blast and ballistic attack. Jane Embury is the company’s marketing director.
| CGH will be joined in booth #751 by J.E. Berkowitz (JEB), Dlubak Specialty Glass, Global Security Glazing, Solar Seal, and Columbia Commercial Building Products.
| Artwork doesn’t usually measure over 50 metres long and weigh several tonnes, but that’s the challenge that Wrightstyle has to overcome as it completes work on Farringdon station on London’s Crossrail project.
| Jane Embury, Wrightstyle’s marketing director, looks at how blast-resistant glazing came about.
| The 31st annual MGA Glass Expo will be held on April 18th and the companies of Consolidated Glass Holdings (CGH) will be well represented.
| Wrightstyle, the advanced steel and aluminium glazing company, has been appointed to work on a sixth Crossrail station.
| The Cary, North Carolina branch of Wheaton Sprague is working on the Charlotte Douglas International Airport project.
| Wrightstyle supplied fire-rated systems to the iconic King’s Cross redevelopment in London.
| Ballistic glass or bulletproof glass is a solid and thick type of glass that is resistant to being penetrated when struck, although it is not completely impenetrable.
| After Andrew, and partly also driven by the insurance industry, a new hurricane missile testing regime changed construction practices and building regulations across the United States. It remains to be seen if this year’s hurricanes will have the…
| We’ve added to our transport portfolio by supplying a range of systems for five new Crossrail stations.
| Consolidated Glass Holdings to debut J.E. Berkowitz 3Seal HM+ Warm-Edge Spacer System at GlassBuild 2017, among CGH family of product offerings.
| The management of modern commercial buildings involves many important duties, not least of which is maximizing security to prevent break-ins and other safety breaches.