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| The LiSEC TPA is a fully automatic system for applying thermoplastic spacer bars.
| A New Date With The World Of Glass
| Glaston Group has received orders for two Glaston VARIO TPS® insulating glass lines in the United States.
| EKang Tech automated TPI Insulating Glass line meets need for advanced efficiency and energy performance.
| Meet Glaston & Bystronic glass in Hall 12, Booth 1201B!
| That warm edge spacers play a key role in thermal insulation is undeniable when it comes to thermal insulation of buildings and limiting heat loss through windows to the max.
| Come celebrate a world-class combination that offers more passion for glass.
| The certification of sustainable construction products and buildings is being made easier thanks to precise environmental product declarations from the ift Rosenheim.
| sedak makes facades’ joints disappear visually.
| Neoclassical residence of the German Embassy in Chile gets new lattice windows with Thermix from Ensinger.
| Extension of production and logistics areas in German branch factory.
| Thermoseal has introduced new sizes of Thermobar Interbar.
| Market success leads to production of the innovative rigid spacer by Alu Pro and Rolltech at the Alu Pro plant in Noale (Venice - Italy).
| insulbar was awarded the Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certificate for its sustainability. The plastic profile provides thermal separation in metal frames of windows, doors and facades, thus increasing the energy efficiency of buildings.
| Lisec has developed an entirely new concept for the production of insulating glass units with thermoplastic spacers.
| Ensinger presents two new warm edge spacers, the Thermix TX Pro and the Thermix Low Psi.
| This year Lenhardt presented for the first time at Vitrum the world renowned, most advanced and flexible insulating glass production system - the TPS -Line.