SIGN Design Of Polymagic LED Glass-To Open A New Era For LED Glass Application

Date: 8 March 2010
Source: Polytron Technologies, Inc.
The amazing creative idea of designers is admirable. When conceptual designs of Polymagic LED Glass guide sign and emergency road sign become exquisite finished products, it marks the Polymagic LED glass applications to enter a new area.

The emergence of Polytron’s Polymagic LED Glass sign fills the gap in the field of global high-end signs market.
The green energy-saving futures and excellent luminous efficiency of LED make it boom in the logos’ outdoor applications. But due to various reasons, LED materials were weak in the indoor logo design. Indoor High-end logo and logo area need new materials to substitute the outdated road signs of luminescent material and low-end LED emergency sign, and the emergence of LED Glass fills the gap in this market.
Polymagic LED Glass, a perfect combination of LED’s green and energy-saving property as well as superior luminous efficiency, combines with glass to show up unique transparent and refraction effect. Polymagic LED Glass road signs designed by Polytron’s skilled designers present a perfect visual effect as well as full of advertising effect to become a popular choice for logo design of brand shops and storefronts.
PolymagicTM LED glass is a high end decorating electronic glass, combining the green lighting source of LED with the transparent glass to make a famous stylish lighting glass in the industry. As a leading supplier in LED glass industry, Polytron Technologies, Inc. could supply double-side lighting LED glass which have been applied in thousands of projects in more than 67 countries worldwide. There are five colors available for the LEDs: red, green, yellow, white and blue.
Polytron Technologies, Inc. dedicated to supply top quality innovative PolymagicTM LED glass to industry designers, architects, end product manufacturers, contractors, clock makers, building material agents, furniture manufacturers, sign and logo makers, high-end arts and crafts manufacturers, gifts makers, lighting manufacturers…etc worldwide.
About Polymagic LED glass
Polymagic LED glass is a brand name of LED glass owned by Polytron Technologies, Inc. LED glass using an patented technology to laminated LED film between two sheets of glass and create magic text or pattern. Green lighting source LEDs combine with clear glass making a very special effect when power on, the amazing light will catch people` s eyes immediately, that is why it is so welcomed by designers and architects worldwide. Polymagic LED galss has widely applied in designing or application fields of LOGO, sign, lighting, inner or outer decorating, furniture, business counter making, building outer wall lighting projects, public projects, facades, partitions..etc.
About Polytron Technologies, Inc
Polytron Technologies, Inc. a leading electronic and optical vision glass supplier worldwide. Products line covers PolyvisionTM Privacy Glass, PolymaigcTM LED glass, PolyflushTM Glass, PolyholoTM Glass(Hologram Glass), Polylow-ETM glass, PolynanoTM Glass, LiteGlowTM Glass, PolyscreenTM projection screen glass…etc. Polytron supplies many creative unique electronic and optical vision glass products to designers, high-end home/office decorating companies and furniture manufacturers…etc. Located in Taiwan, Polytron Technologies Inc. is committed to offering the best products at competitive pricing to all customers worldwide. Polytron Technologies, Inc is a subsidiary of Polytronix, Inc, an American company that provides the patent product Polyvision™ Privacy Glass to the Taiwan operation.
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600450 SIGN Design Of Polymagic LED Glass-To Open A New Era For LED Glass Application
Date: 8 March 2010
Source: Polytron Technologies, Inc.

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