SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL low-emissivity glass

Date: 14 February 2008

SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS has increased the solar factor (g-value) of its flagship SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL low-emissivity glass thanks to successful R&D and investment at its UK coating facility.

The solar factor of standard windows using SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL has been increased by 2%, from 0.64 to 0.66 (0.71 with an SGG DIAMANT low-iron glass outer pane), whilst maintaining the same low U-value of 1.2 W/m2.K, further optimising the balance between heat loss and solar heat gain. This latest development means that insulating glass units comprising

PLANITHERM TOTAL and ordinary float glass will now achieve the same energy balance as traditional hard coat low-E combined with more expensive low-iron glass.

“Windows need no longer be the weakest link in the energy efficiency of a building,” explains Susan Lambeth, Product Manager at SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS. “PLANITHERM TOTAL is already amongst the most energy efficient glass products in the market and the need for ‘green’ solutions will continue to drive the increased use of these products in the future.

To put this into the context of Window Energy Ratings, for example, we already knew that by switching to PLANITHERM TOTAL from hard coat technology the performance improvement was around 5kWh/m2/year. With this latest innovation that improvement is around 8kWh/m2/year* compared to hard coat”.

Products like SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL low-E glass are produced ‘offline’ on a magnetron coater. This process is carried out after the glass has been made and involves the deposition of a series of metallic oxide layers onto the surface in a vacuum. Thanks to the flexibility of magnetron coating technology the multiple layers can be modified and adapted to achieve excellent thermal insulation (U-values) and neutrality, whilst maximising solar gain (g-values) and passive natural lighting.

Lambeth continues, “This breakthrough signifies a turning point for the market, making cost effective energy-saving windows easier to achieve than ever. PLANITHERM TOTAL sets a new standard offering the latest technology with the added benefits of neutrality and lack of haze”. * Based on a standard GGF window configuration with a 30% frame factor and Uf of 1.8.

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