SGG Planitherm Total 1.3

Date: 6 November 2004
Source: Saint Gobain
At the official opening of the UK's first magnetron coater, Saint-Gobain Glass UK announced the launch of SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL 1.3.

This revolutionary, high performance, soft coat low-emissivity (low-E) glass is the latest addition to the SGG Planitherm family, Europe's best selling low-E glass and the UK's market leading soft coat brand.

The unique coating is the most durable of its kind and is stable during the tempering process, making it the first 'single stock' soft coat glass for use in annealed or toughened form. In addition, SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL 1.3 offers enhanced thermal insulation, remarkably neutral appearance and exceptional clarity synonymous with the SGG PLANITHERM range.

Derek Dragten, Marketing Manager of Saint-Gobain Glass, said: "SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL 1.3 incorporates the very latest advancements in magnetron coating technology from Saint-Gobain Glass to combine many of the processing qualities of traditional hard coat products with the superior performance and aesthetics of soft coated Low-e glass."

SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL 1.3 has an array of features which sets it apart from traditional low-E products, helping to give processors and window fabricators an added edge in an increasingly discerning and competitive market:

Benefits for glass processors
* SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL 1.3 is a "single stock" product; the same version can be used in either annealed or toughened form. This significantly reduces stockholdings, reducing working capital, freeing up warehouse space, as well as simplifying logistics and production planning.
* SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL 1.3's coating is durable and easy to process helping to ensure the highest levels of quality of finished units.
* Depending on the type of furnace and settings, SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL 1.3 may offer improved toughening cycle times.
* As a durable, single version product, SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL 1.3 can help to improve processing optimisation in terms of cutting, planning, and 'right first time' yields.
* Produced at the Saint-Gobain Glass UK float plant in Eggborough on the new magnetron coater, SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL 1.3 is readily available in both PLF and DLF sizes, in a full range of thicknesses.
* SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL 1.3 represents a very cost-effective low-E option, helping to maximise profitability.

Benefits for fabricators / consumers Enhanced Thermal Insulation Double glazed units incorporating SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL 1.3 offer significantly better thermal insulation performance compared to traditional hard coated low-E products:
* Considerable reductions in heating bills
* Reduced condensation on the inner pane
* Environmentally friendly solution, given the lower CO2 emissions associated with reduced energy consumption
* Compliance with current Building Regulations for a wider range of frame designs

Neutral Appearance

The new generation Planitherm coating is remarkably neutral in both transmission and reflection as opposed to traditional hard coated low-E products which typically have a noticeable tint:
* White curtains remain looking white from outside
* No discolouration of Georgian bars

Exceptional Clarity SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL 1.3 offers a high level of light transmittance, maximising the entry of natural daylight into the building. This type of coating also benefits from the lack of 'haze effect' commonly associated with hard coated products.

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