SGG COOL-LITE XTREME 60/28 is the most recent innovation from Saint-Gobain Glass.It represents a new generation of 'xtremely' high selective solar control coatings is now available!! It can be used in office buildings, shopping malls, industrial buildings, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, either for facade, glazing or skylights.


This revolutionary product combines 5 major advantages for architects and project owners:

• Extremely transparent: its very high light transmission makes it the ideal product to create light space. It may avoid using traditional shading systems and provides all year long natural lighting.

• Extremely ‘cool’: its low solar factor and low shading coefficient makes it the ideal product for office buildings - Energy savings for air conditioned buildings. - Green building rules / LEED compliance.

• Extremely economical: its U-value = 1.0W/m2K makes it the ideal product for energy savings and improved thermal insulation.

• Extremely aesthetic: its low reflection and neutral aspect makes it the ideal product for modern architecture. It may avoid the use of shading systems, such as shutters, venitian blinds, and can be used in renovation of ‘historic’ buildings. • Extremely reliable: it is the ideal product for extreme climates.


SGG COOL-LITE XTREME 60/28 is an offline coated glass manufactured by magnetron sputtering deposition under vacuum conditions onto float glass. It is a very high selective solar control glass.

The selectivity (the ratio of visible light against solar energy) is higher than 2! With a U-value = 1.0 W/m2K, SGG COOL- LITE XTREME 60/28 is among the most efficient solar control glass products on the market.


SGG COOL-LITE XTREME 60/28 must always be assembled into a double glazed unit with the coated surface to the inside of the external pane (surface 2).

It is imperative that the coating be edge- stripped before assembly. Also available in laminated compositions.


Monolithic glass

• Standard thickness: 6 - 8 - 10 mm

• Substrate: - clear float SGG PLANILUX

• Size: - Jumbo size and split sizes

• To be tempered version: SGG COOL-LITE EXTREME 60/28 II.

Laminated safety glass

• Numerous possibilities of compositions, including one or more PVB interlayer films.

• Acoustic laminated glass SGG STADIP SILENCE.

Saint-Gobain Glass Exprover, A SGGF business unit, Les Miroirs, 18 avenue d’Alsace, 92 400 Courbevoie , France, Tel : +33 (0)1 47 62 34 25,,


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