See OptiGas and ThermalCERT at GlassBuild 2011

With field testing completed, a new OptiGas system that cools and gas fills insulating glass in one-piece lean flow will debut at GlassBuild America 2011.

The new line can reduce gas costs up to 70 percent and trim errors and labor costs while precisely filling air spaces with tunable gas ratios, according to the supplier.

The OptiGas 1000 unit on display in Atlanta features an automated carousel with a customizable number of stations on the rotating periphery. It will be in Praxair’s booth, number 1151. Praxair provided input on the development of OptiGas, while fenestration software developer FeneTech co-developed the systems with Integrated Automation Systems.

"The new unit features an automated carousel which can be equipped with a customizable number of filling stations. "

“The OptiGas 1000 is built for continuous production, including the pre-cooling of insulating glass units,” says Mike McHugh, Integrated Automation Systems president. “Whether you fill with only argon, only krypton or both, a single carousel can keep pace even in lines exceeding 2,000 units per shift.” The new unit can be customized to practically any line speed, cooling requirement or gas filling combination, he adds.

A unique fill process allows manufacturers to precisely fill air spaces. “Because OptiGas is automated and tunable, you can hit exact gas-to-air and krypton-to-argon targets, even if you specify a different mix for every unit,” according to McHugh. “You can fill to your exact U-value sweet spots unit after unit, all with minimal operator intervention.”

The equipment allows manufacturers to deliver higher U-values using krypton at a drastically lower cost per unit than with current gas filling systems, he continues.

See OptiGas and ThermalCERT September 10-12 at GlassBuild America 2011 in Atlanta in booth 1151, where Praxair will be our co-host. If you have questions about our show participation or wish to reserve a time slot that fits your meeting schedule, please contact Mike McHugh at or 330-954-3070.

600450 See OptiGas and ThermalCERT at GlassBuild 2011
Date: 2 September 2011

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