Saint-Gobain: Conservatory Roofs To Look Up To

Date: 6 November 2009
Source: Saint-Gobain
Saint-Gobain Glass is once again living up to a well-earned reputation for innovation in the flat glass market by launching SGG BIOCLEAN COOL-LITE AQUA GREEN.

Pushing the boundaries of high performance glass this new product has been designed to make conservatories pleasant living space all year round – it blocks up to an incredible 78% of the sun's heat, achieves U-values as low as 1.0W/m2K and it reduces glare. Designed and developed for the conservatory roof market, SGG BIOCLEAN COOL-LITE AQUA GREEN is a single product with many functions.Being 'BIOCLEAN', the glass benefits from Saint-Gobain's dual action self-cleaning coating – it actively breaks down dirt and causes rainwater to 'sheet', washing the dirt away; perfect for hard-to-reach conservatory roofs.
It also prevents conservatories from overheating in the summer and cooling down in the winter – when the SGG BIOCLEAN COOL-LITE AQUA GREEN is used alongside SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL - Saint-Gobain Glass's thermally efficient glass - in a sealed unit, it can block up to 72% of the heat generated by the sun, and achieve U-values as low as 1.2W/m2K. However, combined with SGG PLANITHERM 4S - glass designed specifically for conservatories - SGG BIOCLEAN COOL-LITE AQUA GREEN can go as low as 1.0W/m2K while blocking 78% of the sun's heat.
“This is an entirely new product,” said Susan Lambeth, senior product manager at Saint-Gobain Glass. “Saint-Gobain designs products for a particular function – for example, conservatory roofs – rather than generic ones, so functionality is optimised.
“Saint-Gobain Glass understands that conservatories have remained a popular way of extending a home, but they can be unusable in the depth of winter and the height of summer when it is either too hot or too cold. With SGG BIOCLEAN COOL-LITE AQUA GREEN we have solved this problem while cutting down on uncomfortable glare. The anticipated revisions to Document L have also been a major driver for the development of this product.”

600450 Saint-Gobain: Conservatory Roofs To Look Up To
Date: 6 November 2009
Source: Saint-Gobain

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