Research and Markets: Chinese Glass Prices Have Hit a New High since 2003 Levels

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "2007 Chinese Glass Market Research Report" report to their offering.

In September of 2007, the glass prices have hit a new high level since 2003 in China. In September 2007, the average price of float glass was 78.7yuan (RMB)/WB, rose 6.3 yuan /WB than last month; up by 13.9 yuan (RMB)/WB than the same period last year, up 21.51% year-on-year.

The reasons of the higher prices were: (1) the increased prices of the raw materials prices (2) a few manufacturers dominated the industry, and manipulated the price (3) the higher export price (4) balance between supply and demand But, in September 2007, the sales volume and production of glass declined. The output of glass of the key glass manufacturers dropped by 1.475 million WB than last month, dropping by 5.14% than the last month; and the amount of sales reduced to 4,705,100WB, drop by 14.87% than the last month. The inventory of glass in the end of September has increased 645,000 WB. The accumulative sales of glass have grown 14.82% year-on-year.

The glass industry has benefited from the higher price which turning the glass industry from lose to profit. In August 2007,the accumulated sales of the key manufacturers(43 factories) were 16.86 billion yuan(RMB), up 28.7% than the same period last year; the accumulated total profits were 637 million yuan(RMB)( same period last year was lost 1.005 billion), increased 47.17 million yuan(RMB)than last month. According to the Data of glass industry, the total profits of the whole industry were 1.454 billion yuan(RMB), up to 244.84%year-on-year, the same period last year was a loss of 957 million yuan(RMB).

600450 Research and Markets: Chinese Glass Prices Have Hit a New High since 2003 Levels

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