Quality in glass and plastic at Taropak 2006

Date: 20 September 2006
Source: Gerresheimer Group
Packaging to the highest standards: Gerresheimer offers a widely diversified range forpharmaceutics and cosmeticsThe pharma division displays an expanded complete range – in the field of plastic packaging as wellPharmaceutical packaging made of tubular and moulded glass or entirely of plastic, plastic dosage and application systems, high-tech injection systems ranging right through to glass sterile syringes: never before has the Gerresheimer Group presented such a complete range to its pharma public at Taropak.

And the cosmetics industry and special segments of the food and beverages industryare also well served by Gerresheimer as the trade fair in the Polish city of Poznan opens its doors on 18 September 2006 for three days (Hall 15B, Stand 143).

The wide variety of plastic packaging for pharmaceutics is a particular novelty in this year’s display at the trade fair in Poznan, says Burkhard Lingenberg, Director of Corporate PR & Marketing for the Gerresheimer Group. This business is integrated in Gerresheimer’s pharmaPlasticSystems Division, which is represented by its plants in Værløse and Haarby (Denmark), Boleslawiec (Poland) and Bünde (Germany). Its wide product spectrum including the well-known trademarks Duma® and Dudek™ offers packaging solutions for every need in various types of plastic tailored to both solid and liquid medications. The special features of the top-class range include a large number of variably specifiable containers for the large market for tablets. In addition, it comprises dosage and application systems for eye drops and nasal sprays as well as, for example, PET bottles and an extensive range of accessories. “With this multi-facetted product spectrum we today occupy a leading position in pharmaceutical plastic as well,” Lingenberg notes.

The Bünder Glas Division concentrates on the high-growth market for injection systems and has achieved particular success with prefillable sterile syringes. Gerresheimer is currently engaged in further expansion of production capacity in this area. The steadily increasing demand for these syringes is attributable on the one hand to the highly advanced technology for sterile-syringe production, which for the pharma industry opens up the possibility of immediate filling without the distraction of elaborate accompanying processes – and on the other hand to innovative refinement of the leading trademark RTF® (Ready to Fill)., with which Gerresheimer enjoys a reputation as a worldwide technology leader in the field of prefillable syringes. The multi-facetted accessory area is worth a visit on its own: of special interest is a series of pain-reducing precision needles and intelligent complementary systems for the RTF® range, all designed to facilitate the handling of syringes and increase safety in practical use. Bulk-merchandise syringes and matching cartridges complete the top-calibre range.

Everything from a single source and with high value-added potential: this principle characterises to an equal degree the product spectrum on offer from Gerresheimer’s glassPackaging Division. Visitors can see a cross-section of the entire range manufactured by Gerresheimer at the German plants in Lohr, Tettau, Essen and Wertheim, in Momignies/Belgium and in Boleslawiec/ Poland. For pharmaceutics manufacturers the leading worldwide pharma-glass specialist offers a comprehensive spectrum of glass packaging, ranging from vials, ampoules and cartridges made of type-1 tubular glass to bottles and jars in all three of the relevant moulded-glass types. Again it includes both flint and amber glass in an extraordinarily wide variety of shapes and sizes. Invisible but another important plus for many medications: Gerresheimer has at its disposal all the relevant processes for specific surface treatment, for example to increase hydrolytic resistance or siliconise the inner walls. Fascinating glass design dominates in another part of the exhibition stand: in the field of cosmetics, professionals will find new ideas and stimuli from all round the world and in all product categories. Gerresheimer supplies the industry with perfume flacons and cream pots, attractive glass packaging for deodorants, bath accessories, aromatherapy and nail varnish for example – and even samplers. In addition to a wide, almost endlessly variable standard range, the Group offers individual development and practically every technique for shaping, colouring and finishing. In selected segments the Gerresheimer Group also supplies the food and beverages industry. With jars for baby food, fine soups or spices, spirit miniatures and bottles for other spirits and beverages the Group whets the appetite with a range of interesting examples in Poznan.

The Gerresheimer Group is one of the leading international suppliers of high-quality packaging and systems made of glass and plastic for the market segments of pharmaceutics and cosmetics. Gerresheimer has 20 production locations in Europe, America and Asia, and employs more than 6,000 people around the world.

Further information under www.gerresheimer.com.

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