Protection for artworks “as light as a feather” with MIROGARD® Protect Ultra

The new, virtually invisible laminated glass from SCHOTT that is extremely lightweight offers outstanding UV protection in combination with shatter protection and is also extremely thin  With its new MIROGARD® Protect Ultra laminated glass, the expert for specialty glass SCHOTT is now introducing an innovative solution for picture glazing.

The unique features include its extremely light weight and the minimum thickness of the glass. This makes switching over to MIROGARD® Protect Ultra from conventional picture glazing extremely quick and easy. Furthermore, it absorbs 99.9% of UV radiation and offers extremely good protection against splinters. Of course, it also comes with the high-quality anti-reflective coating that the MIROGARD® family of products is known for.

The new laminated glass MIROGRAD® Protect Ultra combines excellent UV and shatter protection with minimum thickness of only 2.95 mm. Switching over to MIROGARD® Protect Ultra is easy too because it can be inserted into standard frame solutions with very little effort. Furthermore, the new laminated glass from SCHOTT is lightweight, weighing only 6.5 kg/m². Thanks to the composite film that is used, it is still mechanically stable and easy to transport.

MIROGARD® Protect Ultra versus ordinary glass. Picture: Klimt, Gustav, 1862-1918. „Der Kuß“ (1907/08) Location: Vienna, gallery in Austria. ©ARTOTHEK

With MIROGARD® Protect Ultra, glazing of artworks is now even safer in two respects. On the one hand, the new laminated glass from SCHOTT offers 99.9% UV protection by absorbing UV rays of between 300 and 380 nm wavelengths. The protection against the destructive effects of solar radiation is therefore twice as high as with the standard version MIROGARD®. On the other hand, MIROGARD® Protect Ultra offers outstanding splinter protection, which makes transporting glazed artworks even safer.

To ensure that viewers can enjoy an undisturbed view of art, MIROGARD® Protect Ultra is manufactured with a great deal of technical effort. By coating it using the sol-gel process, in other words by applying several layers of titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide, this high-tech picture glass becomes virtually invisible afterwards. This, in turn, results in brilliant color rendering without any annoying reflections. The general color rendering index of the new laminated glass from SCHOTT is Ra= 100 and the reflectance is less than one percent.

“MIROGARD® Protect Ultra laminated glass offers museums and art galleries, traveling exhibitions, etc. a new way to exhibit delicate and valuable paintings, graphics and prints by protecting them against damaging UV light and sharp splinters that are caused by glass breakage behind extremely thin and lightweight glazing,” explains Product Manager Andreas Eschmann.

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MIROGARD® is a registered trademark of SCHOTT AG.

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600450 Protection for artworks “as light as a feather” with MIROGARD® Protect Ultra

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