Production Planning and Scheduling With The Planner ERP System

Nashville Tempered Glass (NTG) recently moved to a new ERP system to meet demands from existing and new clients. After a selection process, NTP identified an ERP system that best suited its needs and addressed their selection criteria, such as improving plant floor efficiencies.

NTP chose an ERP system called The Planner, which was supplied by Keyvak Pty Ltd. This system has infinite capacity scheduling methodology and addresses the material and accounting needs of NTP.

Due to time and cost constraints NTG knew that choosing a finite scheduling system that was easy to implement and integrate with its main system was of paramount importance.

Furthermore, while NTG understood that unnecessary inventory accumulation, increasing WIP queue, and high expedite costs were inherent in most ERP infinite capacity scheduling systems, they could not afford such luxuries.

NTG’s supply chain director, Michael Hobbs said that once he had reviewed The Planner and its capabilities, “it was an easy choice”.

Mr Hobbs said he didn't have the luxury of spending months setting up and implementing a complicated system. NTG had already implemented a new ERP system and wanted to take full advantage of the access to information, but not be constrained by many of the deficiencies associated with infinite capacity scheduling methodologies.

The Planner was ready to go, out of the box, and was already integrated with the new ERP system, said Mr Hobbs. He said it was also easy to use and even easier for employees to learn and understand.

Mr Hobbs says that with The Planner the effects of a schedule change are immediate. NTG can now immediately identify which jobs will become late due to a schedule change and how the desired change will alter the WIP queues.

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600450 Production Planning and Scheduling With The Planner ERP System

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