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Date: 31 December 2018

On December 11, 2018, the International Forum "Glass and Modern Technologies - XXI" was held in Moscow.

The key topic is "Problems of the current state and recommendations for the growth of the glass industry until 2025. The development of consumption and production. Requirements. Issues of training."

The organizer of the large-scale event is the Association StekloSouz of Russia.

The event was held at the International Industrial Academy. Delegates from 161 companies and guests from 15 countries, including Ukraine, arrived at the congress of the leaders of glass enterprises.

The purpose of the conference: to show the current state of the glass industry and development goals for the next 6 years.

In the report Osipov Viktor Ivanovich, President of the StekloSouz of Russia, showed three main goals: 
1). Guaranteed satisfaction of any requirements of consumers; 
2). Harmonious development of consumption; 
3). Social stability and industrial development of subjects.

Viktor Ivanovich said: “We believe that this specialized Forum is another serious step towards the harmonious development of the glass industry. 

The fulfillment of the goals will allow to ensure any requests from consumers of glass products. 

Cooperation with the global glass community is guaranteed to create the conditions for the implementation of the tasks. 

Currently, the world glass market is actively developing. A large proportion of glass and glass products are exported. The geography of deliveries is growing on all continents of the globe. The development of sales shows that domestic glass, for various sectors of the national economy of consumer countries, meets all the requirements of consumers and international standards. 

Acquired positions need to constantly hold, combining efforts on clear technological parameters. 

Exports will overcome the systemic crisis with a high probability of consolidating the positions of glass enterprises in the markets of consumer countries. ”

He drew the attention of plant managers to the need to pay more attention to the younger generation of young people, to direct the latter to enrollment in industry institutions of higher education. It is necessary to instill a love for the glass profession, starting from kindergarten and school. For this it is necessary to organize master classes in educational institutions, and for high school students in enterprises. 

Given that mostly glass factories are city-forming - this will preserve the continuity of labor dynasties. 
A systematic approach in this work will allow to overcome personnel “hunger”. 

In addition, it is necessary to continue systematic training and retraining of personnel, expanding the topics of training programs.

The experience of 2017-2018 showed that the decision taken at the Executive Congress in 2017 gives good results.

The Forum participants voiced greetings from the Chambers of the Federal Assembly, the relevant ministries, departments and federal industry associations - consumers of glass and glass products.

In their reports, international experts from Russia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Kazakhstan, USA, Czech Republic, Finland and other countries showed the main trends in the development of the global glass industry. 

The speakers emphasized that new requirements are being placed on glass, scientists and practitioners are obliged to solve the tasks set by consumers in a timely manner, to satisfy growing demands.

The delegates emphasized that for the successful implementation of the industry program 2011-2020. it is necessary to work together to overcome a wide range of problematic issues: the design of new plants, the construction of modern energy-efficient glass furnaces, and the production of machinery and equipment.

By applying innovative technologies, enterprises are improving their economies.

Ways to improve competitiveness are on the surface and we must begin with labor productivity. The staffing issue is the most important for our industry.

One of the important tasks is the development of the consumer market.

During the discussion with the leaders of the federal industry associations and unions, enterprises received practical proposals with requirements for glass products for various sectors of the national economy.

The use of special products, heat-insulating materials, glazing of buildings and structures with energy-efficient and safe transparent structures, innovative products for the transport and medical, pharmaceutical, electronic, nuclear, instrument-making and furniture industries are the drivers of our development, scientists, engineers and practitioners said in the reports.

At the open meeting of the presidium, together with the Anti-Crisis Headquarters, the heads of the Associations made specific proposals for the development of normative and creative activities to increase the possibilities for using innovative glass materials.

The recommendations to the Association StekloSouz of Russia necessary to increase the range and expand the consumption of glass products were unanimously adopted.

At the same time, they discussed in detail the problems of payments for glass products and guaranteed deliveries to consumers.

In a solemn atmosphere were presented certificates to new members of the Association of the Glass Union of Russia: LLC Red Echo, Firm Karat, LLC TSK Imperiya, Colorobbia Consulting SrL, LLC Magistral LTD, OOO NPF Quartz Glass, OOO Orion ”, LLC Northern Glass Container Company, LLC INPRUS, LLC Soyuzintlekt, Stewart Engineers, Inc., OJSC Kyshtym Mining and Processing Plant, OJSC Kavdolomit, LLC KNAUF Insulation. 
For high production rates in 2018, the Certificate of Honor was awarded to: Krasnoe Echo LLC, Svet JSC, Kavminsteklo JSC, Gomelsteklo OJSC, Gusevsky Glass Plant named after F. Ye. Dzerzhinsky ", LLC NPF" Quartz glass ", GC" Light of the 21st century "," Tomsk lighting engineering plant ".  

Following the results of the congress, Osipov Viktor Ivanovich expressed his gratitude to all delegates and guests, and wished all enterprises of the global glass industry economic prosperity.

By a general vote, a decision was made with instructions to the StekloSouz of Russia.

Osipov V.I. thanked all the participants of the business program for interesting reports. He said that the Association will make every effort to ensure that the glass industry enterprises adequately overcome the difficult economic situation. The joint decision made by the delegates will be implemented as part of the glass industry development program for 2011-2020.

The Forum-Congress ended with a gala dinner in honor of the glass industry workers. 
Congratulated the delegates on the upcoming New Year 2019 and Santa Claus.

The next Forum "Glass and Modern Technologies - XXI" will be held on November 21, 2019 in Moscow.

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