Polymagic LED Image Glass Project Has Become An Landmark Of Tamshui City In Taiwan

The world leading electronic and vision glass supplier, Polytron Technologies,Inc finished an LED image glass order which has installed in Tamshui, Taiwan this November.

It is an government building project and totally installed 20 pieces of LED image glass on the outer wall of the building, for 10 outer lighting unit. The special designed lighting unit consist of two parts, one is an L sharp LED glass contributed hundreds of blue LEDs, the other part is an square sharp LED glass to consist with the L sharp glass as an whole big square lighting wall. Total size of this lighting unit is up to 3m x 3m.


With oil painting type image background in local scenery subject which is laminated into the LED glass, this special lighting unit is like an art gallery, the grand building wall like hanging 10 pieces of oil painting on the wall in daytime, but at night, This special designed unit like a big lighting display, shining in an amazing effect for the night of this tourism city.


It has become a very famous landmark in this city, many people went to see this magic scene when pass by. Local government also seen it as an good example to promoting their green city idea. LED lighting has become more and more popular for the public projects because of its excellent energy-efficient performance. This special designed LED image glass also give designers or architects an good example to applying this new product. Green plus innovation, LED glass will create an new era for building glass industry.
About Polymagic LED glass
Polymagic LED glass is an patented product by Polytron Technologies,Inc from Taiwan. It is an special glass combines LEDs inside two pieces of electronic glass and can shining when power on, no wires can be seen from the surface of the glass. This innovative glass has widely applied in business and civil decorating, counter building, furniture designing, sign or mark designing, façades, lighting designing…
About Polytron Technologies,Inc.
Polytron Technologies,Inc. is an worldwide leading supplier in electronic and special decorating custom-made glass field. As an subsidiary of the world leading LCD and LCM supplier Polytronix, Inc. from Texas of United States, Polytron Technologies, Inc is dedicating to supply Polyvision Privacy Glass, Polymagic LED glass, Polyflush glass, Polyholo hologram glass, Liteglow luminous glass and Polylens Glass as well as Polyscreen Projecting glass…Polytron established their Mainland China branch Polytron Technologies(Xiamen) Co., Ltd. in 2008.
For more information, please contact:
Mr.Sam Yu
Website: www.polytron.com.tw
North America (All products)/Europe(Polyvision Privacy Glass only)
Mr. Sam Shao
TEL +1-972-238-7045 ext. 140

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