Polymagic LED Glass Enjoys Unlimited Market Potential In Furniture Design

Date: 21 April 2010
Source: Polytron Technologies, Inc.

Date: 21 April 2010

The traditional Furniture Industry has got into a slight profit age. How to open up a new “Ocean Blue” among this competitive traditional industry?Yes, it is design.

Design has become a vital means to increase the added value for furniture industry. Designers of this industry go all out to get creative to work out all kinds of furniture that perfectly combine visual impact and the functions of use. With the improvement of lifestyle, furniture works with excellent design are more attractive and its sale price is much higher than ordinary furniture. This is the power of design!
Polytron is dedicated to coordinate with furniture designers, developing kinds of leading optical glass material to provide with more choices for designers that perfectly go with their creativities. Polymagic LED Glass from Polytron has become new favorite material for furniture designers. This safety glazing material will guarantee security of furniture. LED is green energy-saving combined with translucent glass to shine when power on, it becomes limelight for customers. Polytron co-operates with several designers from home and abroad to create several kinds of Conceptual furniture. (Some works refer to attached pictures)
About Polymagic LED glass
Polymagic LED glass is a brand name of LED glass owned by Polytron Technologies, Inc. LED glass using an patented technology to laminated LED film between two sheets of glass and create magic text or pattern. Green lighting source LEDs combine with clear glass making a very special effect when power on, the amazing light will catch people` s eyes immediately, that is why it is so welcomed by designers and architects worldwide. Polymagic LED galss has widely applied in designing or application fields of LOGO, sign, lighting, inner or outer decorating, furniture, business counter making, building outer wall lighting projects, public projects, facades, partitions, etc.
About Polytron Technologies, Inc
Polytron Technologies, Inc. a leading electronic and optical vision glass supplier worldwide. Products line covers Polyvision Privacy Glass, Polymaigc LED glass, Polyflush Glass, Polyholo Glass(Hologram Glass), Polylow-E glass, Polynano Glass, LiteGlow Glass, Polyscreen projection screen glass…etc. Polytron dedicated to supply top quality innovative Polymagic LED glass to industry designers, architects, end product manufacturers, contractors, clock makers, building material agents, furniture manufacturers, sign and logo makers, high-end arts and crafts manufacturers, gifts makers, lighting manufacturers…etc worldwide.
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