Owens Revolutionized The Glass Industry With The Invention Of The Automatic Glass Bottle-Making Machine

Everyday great  inventions and the geniuses behind them go unrecognized. Then, there are some  inventions making such an impact on our daily lives that they must be  recognized and honored.

Today, Michael J. Owens finally receives that honor.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame today announced that 41 inventors will  be inducted into the 2007 hall of fame. Among those are Owens and his revolutionary invention -- the automatic glass bottle-making machine.

Michael J. Owens, a glassmaker since the age of 10, moved to Ohio to join  a start-up glass company founded by Edward Libbey in 1888 and began America's  first industry -- glassmaking. Libbey financed Owens' dream of creating a  glassblowing machine, the most significant development in glassmaking since  the invention of the blowpipe more than 3,000 years ago.

Owens' success came in 1903. That's when he made the first automatic glass bottle-making machine that could create bottles so quickly and cheaply it  facilitated the growth of numerous industries that bottled everything from  food and beverages to household chemicals. He went on to help develop mass-  production techniques for window glass and helped guide the company into  research that eventually led to the production of fiberglass.

This invention made glass a commodity instead of a luxury. It also helped  to eliminate child labor, which was rampant in the early glassblowing days.  His work also made it possible for thousands of jobs to be created - jobs that  are still in existence today.

The Owens machine, which led to the formation of the Owens Bottle Company, literally revolutionized the glass industry and the O-I family tree began to  grow. Owens Bottle and the Illinois Glass Company which was started at Alton  in 1873, merged to form Owens-Illinois in 1929. In 1965, the corporate name  was changed from Owens-Illinois Glass Co. to Owens-Illinois, Inc., (NYSE: OI)  to reflect the broader scope of operations. In recent years, the company that  started by a single invention has significantly increased its worldwide  operations, both through internal growth as well as acquisitions. In 2005,  Owens-Illinois, Inc. began doing business worldwide as O-I.

"We're honored to recognize Michael Owens' achievements by inducting him  into the National Inventors Hall of Fame this year. What he did gave rise to a  whole industry and gave us a world of technology we have the luxury of taking  for granted nowadays. He deserves to be better known as an inventor who 

played an important role in the history of our economy and our society," said 

Fred Allen, Vice President for Selection, National Inventors Hall of Fame.

The 2007 inductees will be honored during a recognition ceremony on  Friday, May 4, at the National Inventors Hall of Fame headquarters in Akron,  Ohio. The total number of inductees in the Hall come May will be 371.

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Date: 7 April 2007
Source: Owens-Illinois, Inc

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