The Overwhelming Prospect in Glass Recycling

Energy savings and clean utilization of raw materials have become the topical issues in modern society.

The same is true when it comes to glass.  Not to mention that one of the most fascinating features of glass is its total recyclability, that is, it is possible to get 100 kg of new glass product from 100 kg of recycled glass.As a result, when glass can be one hundred percent recycled, we can not exaggerate its significance.

First, when glass can be one hundred percent recycled, The amount of raw materials required will be significantly reduced: 100 kg of new glass product can be produced from 100 kg of recycled glass, compared with the 120 kg of virgin raw materials required to produce the same amount of new product. Second, when glass can be one hundred percent or even partially recycled, less energy will be needed for the same amount of new product. Calculation suggests that when 80% recycled glass is used with the vitrifiable mixture, the consumption of energy will be reduced by 25%. Third, the uniqueness of glass is that it can be reused and remelted countless times, which means the energy saving achieved by using recycled glass is significant.

As the Chinese saying goes, "while the prospects are bright, the road has twists and turns." As we all know that the prospect for the recycling of glass is promising, however, For now, the glass recycling rate in the world is not very high. Therefore, we still have a long way to go in the technique of glass recycling.

LandGlass Technology Co., Ltd. , as a hi-tech enterprise specializing in the developing, manufacturing and marketing of glass tempering furnaces, has always been working on the sustainable business mode. We always spare no effort to make our equipment more friendly to the environment. For example, we have already designed a unit to collect the cullet on the basis of the technique of glass recycling. We expect more technical breakthroughs in glass industry.

600450 The Overwhelming Prospect in Glass Recycling
Date: 2 April 2014

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