NorthGlass held the 2023 work arrangement meeting and commendation conference

The bases of NorthGlass held the 2023 work arrangement meeting and commendation conference
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Date: 3 April 2023

Innovation to build the future, fight to share the glory

Recently, each base of NorthGlass has held the 2023 work arrangement meeting and commendation conference. Mr. Gao Xueming, chairman of NorthGlass and chairman of NorthGlass Sinest Technology CO., Ltd, Mr. Gao Li, vice chairman and president of NorthGlass, and general managers and staff representatives of more than 600 people attended the conference in two places.

At the conference, the general managers of various business divisions summarized the key work carried out in the past year and carried out the key work in the coming year. Gao Li talked about the road of innovation to all the employees at the conference, and at the same time put forward the vision of NorthGlass to the employees once again: making the employees proud, making the government proud, and getting glory for the motherland! We need to work together to establish a higher outlook on life, values and world outlook to meet above three points.

Next, NorthGlass commended and rewarded the technological progress, advanced group and advanced employee representatives made in the past year. Tempering Furnace BU and Luoyang NorthGlass were awarded the “Advanced Unit of Target Completion and Performance Growth” in 2022. President Gao Li and General Manager Li Junfeng received the award on behalf of Tempering Equipment and Luoyang NorthGlass respectively. “NorthGlass Spirit Award”, “Advanced Group”, “Advanced Employee” and so on also got to the stage to receive awards. “New Standard Series Optimization Design”, “Design and programming of Triturbo Fan”, “Computer program of new man-machine interface”, “Product Research and development of New Art Exhibition Center in Brisbane, Australia” won the second prizes of technical progress, and there are more than 100 technical awards.

Cao Hongbo and Xia Wenkui, winner staff representatives of “NorthGlass Spirit Award”, made speeches at the staff meeting of each base. Cao Hongbo, sales director of Luoyang NorthGlass, went to business trip for 300 days in last year to negotiate customers and maintain customer relations. Day after day, the sales team led by him has made good performance, and the profitability of Luoyang NorthGlass has been greatly improved.

Xia Wenkui from Shanghai NorthGlass is the winner of the “NorthGlass Spirit Award” for three consecutive years. He has contributed to the first line for 21 years. Working from ordinary staff to monitor, to the operation chief, he has gradually grown into the backbone of the company. He has been working silently for 20 years, from the Olympic Games project, the Expo Project, to the headquarters of the BRICS Development Bank. Xia Wenkui likes to study new technologies after work and he spends countless sweat on the workshop and construction site, which is a microcosm of the innovation and fighting spirit of NorthGlass.

Applause and flowers, honor and mission belong to the hard-working NorthGlass people. Chairman Gao Xueming finally made a concluding speech at the staff meeting of Luoyang: Innovation is the mission of NorthGlass. From the establishment of crossing the river by feeling the stones to leading the industry today, the significance of innovation to us is far greater than the frustrations in the process. This is the historical mission, and it is the capital to win glory for the country and make the government proud. Along the way, NorthGlass people who have experienced the epidemic and the international economic environment have made continuous progress, they are indomitable, and they are still full of morale and vitality. I believe that NorthGlass will be more brilliant in 2023 with everyone’s efforts!

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