NorthGlass Hallmark in UK

Date: 29 October 2015

On 19th ~ 23rd, Oct., National chairman Xi Jinping paid a four days’ state visit to Great Britain at the invitation of Queen Elizabeth II.

The visit activities mainly took place in London and Manchester.  

Just in these two classic and elegant cities, NorthGlass has its own symbolic hallmark…

London Lyden Office

Lyden Office is a top-quality office building. The glass comprised of the façade curtain wall was manufactured and provided by NorthGlass. With its “flat and spotless”characteristics, the glass curtain wall becomes a spectacular landscape under the reflection of blue sky and white clouds.

London Bloomberg

This brand new building is the symbol of world-level finance news. The façade’s unique prismatic glass was “polished” by NorthGlass. With its V-groove polishing as well as splicing techniques with high accuracy, the glass presents stunning vision.

The Third Wharf of London

The Thames River gently flows through London blocks, with the Third Wharf standing by its ancient riverside. The curtain wall made up of NorthGlass’ glass perfectly fused with the whole building, telling the city’s long history to the tourists with its own elegancy.

Manchester Municipal Hall

The glass standing at the entrance of Manchester Municipal Hall was “forged” by NorthGlass. The cylinder-shape entrance with full glass structure, concise and vogue, ingeniously links up the two ancient gothic buildings, just like a glittering and translucent-carving legendary luminous pearl inlaid among them. This combination not only keeps the tradition of the municipal hall with over 100 years history, but also naturally introduces the modern element.

As Shakepeare said, “ What’s past is prologue”, NorthGlass’past achievement is the beginning of our next journey. No doubt that this British trip of Chairman Xi will lead more and more excellent Chinese entrepreneurs to outlook the UK market and open a new golden time.

600450 NorthGlass Hallmark in UK

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