The Newest DynOpt Software Generation From ALBAT+WIRSAM Achieves Minimum Waste Ratios And Optimum Flat Glass Production Sequences

In Tandem: ALBAT+WIRSAM’s DynOpt Software and HEGLA’s Dynamic Buffer System SortJet Optimize Continuous-Flow Production The flat glass industry’s latest innovation is up-and-running, trouble-free, in the most varied production situations.

Fully-automatically, in any desired sequence, the powerful A+W / HEGLA duo has achieved highest material yield in an ever-growing number of production environments. Guiding SortJet, the state-of-the-art sorting and dynamic buffer system from HEGLA, DynOpt’s flexible configuration can be implemented according to the requirements of any production operation: as a fully-automated, closed-circuit system on-line, or, in combination with an intermediate buffer.


A DynOpt/SortJet ensemble as seen from the break-out table: right, the DynOpt instruction monitor; left, the swivel conveyor; far left, the dynamic buffer; front left, a sheet being up-righted at the positioning guide


Compact: Where space is limited, cut plates are manually loaded, before DynOpt’s dynamic calculation moves the process on automatically, in the optimum, real-time job sequence. The SortJet buffer sees to continuous flow, filing the single harp rack needed for the system in exact production sequence – completely automatically, with no interruption in production flow.


The DynOpt/HEGLA system at Wollf+Meier IG Glass, Langgoens, Germany



Streamlined and directly coupled to the IG line: a swivel conveyor links the SortJet to the cutting line, righting the sheets and passing them to their designated slots. From here, the output shuttle transports them in required sequence directly to the IG line.


The streamlined DynOpt/HEGLA system at HERZOG GLASS, Kirrlach, Germany




On-Line: After break-out, the positioning aid guides the sheet to the air-cushion conveyor and on to the interim buffer. The swivel conveyor, up-righting and positioning the sheet as required for further processing, transfers it to the in-put shuttle, which automatically feeds it into the SortJet, where the procedure continues as above.




The online DynOpt/HEGLA system at SCHOLL GLASS, Isernhagen, Germany



Simple in concept, revolutionary in results: DynOpt reduces raw material input across the board, even eliminating residual plates with the most frequent glass types. Labour, too, is reduced to a minimum: one operator can oversee and support an entire optimisation scheme. Within this constant stream of glass, the just-in-time handling of breakage and the integration of rush jobs are significantly improved.

The first in a growing list of successful DynOpt software partnerships

The list of machinery manufactures profiting from DynOpt continues to grow: now integrated into numerous production situations, operating within an ever-growing number of machinery environments from various manufacturers, ALBAT+WIRSAM’s branch-specific software for the glass producing and processing industry has succeeded in taming the just-in-time high-waste factor. And, as invaluable bonus, relieved the accompanying job organization pressures which plague every modern glass facility today!











600450 The Newest DynOpt Software Generation From ALBAT+WIRSAM Achieves Minimum Waste Ratios And Optimum Flat Glass Production Sequences

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