New Dichroic And Colored Glass Blocks From WorldGlass

WorldGlass, the largest single source of decorative and architectural glass, featuring clear textures, dichroic, and colored glass.

WorldGlass, the largest single source of decorative and architectural glass, featuring clear textures, dichroic, and colored glass, announces the arrival of two new, innovative glass block product lines.

Exclusive dichroic glass blocks and distinctive color glass blocks are available now through WorldGlass, a national architectural and decorative glass company. Glass blocks, known for their durability, ease of installment and affordability, have been combined with the beauty of colored and dichroic glass, offering customers unlimited design potential.

Dichroic glass is the newest trend in architectural and interior design. The distinctive appeal of dichroic glass lies in the difference between the transmitted and reflective colors inherent in the glass itself, both appearing as completely new shades. Adding to that the benefits of glass blocks, customers will find dichroic glass blocks practical, yet contemporary.

Colored glass blocks also provide designers and builders with many advantages. They transmit light, maximizing natural light and sense of space in any room. Colored blocks have the additional benefit of complementing a room’s existing color scheme, further enhancing working and living spaces.

Glass blocks from WorldGlass are multifunctional, useful in interior and exterior walls, flooring or ceilings, and may be integrated into flat or curved surfaces. They serve as both structural members and as décor. Their unique style makes them a perfect fit for new construction and renovation projects, and their durability makes them ideal for both commercial and residential applications. WorldGlass glass blocks serve to fill window openings, form dividing walls and may be used to enhance external walls, showers, bars or desks. Builders and architects often incorporate them into existing design elements for accent pieces or to create a completely new focal point. "Designers were limited in the past when working with glass blocks," said CEO Dan Daniels, "But these specialty blocks will open up new opportunities in architectural design. Our glass blocks are as strong as bricks and as beautiful as art. They are practical competitively priced and still give a room a sense of sophistication and style."

WorldGlass is the largest single source of decorative and architectural glass offering products from manufacturers in the United States, Europe and Asia. Extensive distribution throughout North America, WorldGlass serves the commercial glass market and provides a complete selection of architectural glass to its business customers. The product lines feature clear textures, dichroic, and colored glass. Supported by unmatched customer service and glass expertise, customers can order mixed sheets, full cases, containers or place special orders.

WorldGlass is a Daniels Group Company, glass importer and distributor since 1972.

600450 New Dichroic And Colored Glass Blocks From WorldGlass
Date: 9 February 2008

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