New conveyor lubricant for glass bottles on steel belts

Date: 10 May 2011
A new conveyor lubricant specifically designed for glass bottles on steel conveyor belts combats the highly abrasive properties of the two materials when used together, said Ecolab.

The new DryExx GF formula, the latest addition to Ecolab’s existing conveyor lubricant range, is an active lubricating substance which creates a protective film on steel conveyor belts, according to Ecolab.

It can be used in any brewery and/or beverage bottling line, said the US giant.

The new product can also save companies more than 80 per cent of the water normally required for the combination of glass on steel, claims Ecolab.

Despite these large water savings, the company claims DryExx GF still achieves “the highest possible hygiene levels and does not compromise efficiency”.

Abrasively challenged

Creating a lubricant for the combination of glass on steel was a particular challenge, a spokesperson for Ecolab told

The DryExx GF formula offers a self contained cleaning system, compared to its predecessor DryExx GS, which used a separate cleaning system to to combat the negative effects of abrasion when cleaning the belts, said the spokesperson.

The new formula results in reduced friction, less abrasion and consequently eliminates the need to use large amounts of water to continually wash the belts, said the Ecolab representative.

Innovation award

In March 2011, Ecolab’s dry conveyor lubricant Dry Exx GS scooped the best product design award at the 2011 Social Innovation Awards in London.

The international awards program recognises companies implementing groundbreaking strategies and programmes that drive social and environmental breakthroughs.

Patented lubricant Dry Exx GS was designed for use with glass packaging on stainless steel or mixed conveyors used in the beverage, brewery and food processing industries.

According to Ecolab, the lubricant can reduce water use in conveyor lines by as much as 97 per cent when used in conjunction with its own control system.

Launched at the end of last year, Ecolab said some clients had reported slashing water usage by as much as one million gallons annually per production line through use of the dry lubricant.

With annual sales reaching $6bn, Ecolab employs around 26,000 people across its clean, sanitising and food safety activities for a raft of sectors including food processing.

600450 New conveyor lubricant for glass bottles on steel belts

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