The new Adelio Lattuada logo presented at Glasstec

Date: 26 October 2006
Source: Adelio Lattuada
Since the beginning of our activity we have always been giving importance to all possible communication instruments we could use in order to keep a constant touch with our sector.

The reason is that, even always focusing on what we consider essential, the “product of quality”, we think it is very important to externally communicate the main features of our mission: dynamism and continuous evolution. Evolution which means change and adjustment to an incessantly renovating reality. Our will is actually to always improve ourselves, also and above all through small targets each time set and reached. All this without “messing” our identity which has always remained coherent during almost 30 years of experience.

In the last two years we have tried to translate this concept into images, through two adv pages characterised by “bulbs” as symbols of ideas and technological innovation, the web site ( as an interactive and user-friendly instrument of communication, the new catalogues and the introduction of a graphic element representing our logo “in evolution” with the payoff “Evolution of shape”.

From this “destructuration” has taken shape what we consider as the next logical step of this image renewal: a “restyling” of our logo.

By restyling this shape we have used a three-dimensional concept for various reasons: to give solidity and strength to the logo, to introduce it into a modern reality and above all to reconnect to the idea of the matter processed by Adelio Lattuada machines, the glass.

The shadow fading on the plane, the thick surface, its size, the use of the institutional colour. Everything has been created for the final user, in order to move him and to approach him to the strong, modern and in continuous evolution reality of Adelio Lattuada ...“Evolution of glass working”. »

600450 The new Adelio Lattuada logo presented at Glasstec

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