Museum Exhibit Showcases Different Uses Of Glass

Curiosities of Glassmaking pays tribute to unusual collections that date back centuries known as "cabinets of curiosities." "The cabinet of curiosities typically included botanical specimens, insects, unusual horns or tusks, and skeletons.

Kind of all the kinds of things that were made in the natural world that were deemed interesting and unusual," modern glass curator Tina Oldknow said.

So, Tina decided to create her own cabinets of curiosity. She went through the museum's collections and filled these cases with all things glass, many of which were rather unique.

"I found odd things from Corning Glass Works made during the second World War. Because of the metal shortages, they made things like glass-tipped bullets and glass irons," Oldknow said.

Some of the curiosities date back a whole lot further, such as beads from the tenth century B.C. that were believed to ward off the evil eye and balls to ward off witches. And, those items don't even count among the most morbid.

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600450 Museum Exhibit Showcases Different Uses Of Glass
Date: 31 March 2007

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