Magic in glass art salon ArtGlass, exhibition Mir Stekla’2014!

Irina Ponomareva - The 16th international exhibition «Mir Stekla» which took place in "Expocentre" has ended.

In the frame of the ArtGlass salon, we presented the new project "Glass without borders".  

Our team - me, Irina Ponomareva, the creative team Magicinglass, Oksana Parfentyeva and Alexei Romanovsky, ArtStudioMalino-design and Marina of Guma.

When we started on this project, we naively expected that the most difficult part of preparation would be to understand how to show the immensity of the glass that we have reflected in the title of the project. It was decided to show the geographical scope of the project: we managed to gather the work of several Czech studios and masters, Murano glass, Israel, and Russia under one roof. The question was how to show the plasticity of glass, despite its seeming fragility and firmness? How to show the opportunities of glass combined with different unexpected materials - metal, light, wood, water, glass and live plants?

The time has come for joint projects.

Glass and metal: Decorative fireplace screen «the Firebird».

Art forging Alexander Gladkikh, fusing and sketch Oksana Parfentyeva, stained part of Irina Ponomareva.

Modular panel “ Edges”.


Art forging Alexander Gladkikh, fusing, painted gold, details joined in the technique “tiffani”- Irina Ponomareva.

Glass, metal and light: Chandelier «dance of the butterfly» .

Sketch - Oksana Рarfentieva, forging and technical content - Alexei Romanovsky, fusing and lampwork - Oksana and Alexey shoulder to shoulder, “Tiffany”- Irina Ponomareva.

Lamp “ little Red riding hood ”.

Lampshade from glass cabochons in Tiffany technique - Irina Ponomareva , art forging - Surkhayev Daniyar.

Glass and water: the Luminous Fountain - ArtStudio MalinoDesign

Glass and live plants.

Live plants in special designs by LLC "Vertical remedial gardens", paste in the technique of fusing and technical content - Oksana Parfentyeva and Alexei Romanovsky, ArtStudioMalino-design, inserts in technology Tiffany - Irina Ponomareva, Magicinglass.

In line with joint projects, we were intensively preparing for the exhibition, and the results are obvious! We placed glowing art pieces in a dark room.

The combination of glass, color and light is the most beautiful reflections and shadows, the fountain filled the dark room with the gentle sound of flowing water. The forged a Grand Dragon by Daniel Surkhanov, holding a flashlight in his teeth! Surprisingly the dragon is not just a dragon, it is a mobile work horn - if this miracle will open its mouth, inside you can lay the coals and use the horn for its intended purpose.

Specially to ArtGlass salon ArtStudioMalino created a number of objects from colored glass with the use of several complex technologies from fusing to lampwork - beautiful glass painting "Poppy mood".

Beautiful lamp of series "Bionics" and "Medusa"

The table-top from the collection "Ammonite", delicate flowers from the collection of "Songs of flowers and delicate figures sea creatures from the series "a Coral reef". Complementary to the work of glass furniture masters ArtStudioMalino-design . One could only move very slowly in order to have time to consider all the nuances displayed. Designer jewelry by Marina Guma Exquisite, unusual design of jewelry made on high professional level in lampwork technique, of course, attracted the visitors.

Special interest was drawn to a fabulous Tippet, created by artists from eight hundred hollow beads, blown by the author

What an incredible delight was on the faces of the ladies trying on it and making a photo for memory. Dolls by Marina, were used in the design of the stand!

Nobody was left unmoved!

Especially for ArtGlass salon the creative team Magicinglass prepared several works in various techniques of work with artistic glass - Tiffany, fusing, art glass, combined technique.

Art forging on the project is just starting his life. The first two joint work of Alexander Gladkikh, Irina Ponomareva and Oksana Parfentyeva were created especially for the exhibition "Mir Stekla 2014".

Werzberger College was present! Especially for ArtGlass Salon of «Mir Stekla 2014» exhibition Moti and Omer Werzberger brought not only artistic works, but also the stove of own production, materials and tools for working with artistic glass in different techniques from Israel.

Moti Werzberger demonstrated a system of Morton cutting glass which is fascinating spectacle, easy movement of a hand and a piece of glass turns to an absolutely geometric shape!

The stove has not stood idle as well – Moti, with the active participation of visitors, created pendants and beads in fusing technique.

LLC "Microinstruments" (Russia) provided ArtGlass with furnaces for glass fusing, which allowed to show a very interesting technique of working with a hot glass - combing.

A special tool made by Sergey Skryagin (probably a unique master of tools for working with hot glass in our country) hot glass (960 degrees) in an open furnace like scratching – drawing and making streaks on the heated glass surface.

Some lucky from among the visitors had a chance to try to do it themselves!

Art pieces by Natalia Zhytomyr (Israel) have gathered around grateful admirers- that was unique chance to see experts of such level only at the ArtGlass salon of Mir Stekla'2014.

Glass RUKODELIJA Alexander Nairobi presented small pendants made of glass with the addition of various materials - copper, brass and various minerals

Everyone could buy souvenirs in memory of ArtGlass!

The work of Vera Viktorova - artist - designer and wizard in lampworking constantly attracted the attention of visitors!

Irina Alekseeva from Ukhta - fusing, "Tiffany", Moroccan technique - work demonstrates all of the facets of the beauty of glass.

Beauty Murano glass "Venice" kindly provided for participation in the salon ArtGlass sculptures and interior articles classic glass - works of the masters of Murano. The beauty of this glass is difficult to put into words, and even in photos, it is impossible to consider the subtle nuances of color, color overflow on edges...

Those who saw it with their own eyes are just lucky! The work of Czech Studio B.O.N. allowed us to peek at the history of art glass. Magnificent wine glasses and decanters, glasses and vases were exact copies of old glass, made according to ancient technologies.

ArtGlass salon 2014 is a unique event where the beauty of glass, a variety of techniques, Golden hands of masters were presented to the wide audievce.

The level of interest to the ArtGlass salon shows that art glass is interesting to a wide circle of audience. The number of visitors to the salon, an excellent proof of this. The interest in this project was such that it is simply impossible close it. We will continue the project, showing you the new artists and their work, different techniques, all the beauty of this material, which we see.

New dive into the magic of glass is expected in 2015 at the ArtGlass salon hosted by the Mir Stekla'2015 exhibition.

600450 Magic in glass art salon ArtGlass, exhibition Mir Stekla’2014!

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