MACO: Hardware for lift and slide patio door systems

Hardware for lift and slide patio door systems
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MACO has a full range of hardware for lift and slide patio door systems across all materials from PVC, Aluminium and Timber.

Proving extremely popular at Fensterbau Frontale 2018 they are becoming a growing system trend here in the UK, MACO UK is proud to be able to offer a full system solution with the quality and flexibility that joinery's and fabricators have come to enjoy and expect from MACO.

As well as our system, solutions for all material types MACO UK have a panorama barrier free timber system, which brings a stylish, premium edge to standard lift, & slide systems.


Weightless movement of 400kg

From small and short to big and tall, don't let size bring down your limitations when creating aluminium, PVC or timber sliding doors. Easy lifting is ensured on even the heaviest sashes with the additional rollers with an integrated suspension system.

Each roller reduced the force required to lift the door resulting in the heaviest doors feeling easy and almost weightless when moving. The advantages of the MACO spring rollers allow you to not only retrofit them but also when fitted they are not visible to the user. The MACO rollers allow for a soft delayed return of the handle and can carry weights of up to 400kg.


Security and design perfectly matched

The locking technology used in the lift and slide systems from MACO is similar to that found in multi-point locking systems from front doors achieving PAS24 as well as RC2 security with adjustable striker plates.

The MACO steel hook drive gear fits smoothly into the sliding door and are fully retracted into the sash, ensuring you maintain a flush stylish sliding door. When the door closes the hooks engage smoothly in the frame side striker plates ensuring both exceptional mechanical protection against burglary and weatherseal compression.


Smooth operator

The driver gear damper reduces the resistance force and produces a controlled, soft delayed return of the handle when locking the door, regardless of the make of handle used. The concealed drive gear damper can easily be retrofitted.

It contributes to operating convenience, especially on very heavy doors as it controls the lowering of the sliding sash preventing any sudden movement.

Now the handle is controlled it's time to make sure you take control and implement soft closing. The MACO stop dampeners mean no slamming of the sliding sash, keeping the frame free from impact damage from the sliding door. The MACO stop dampeners also help to prevent any risk of injury when closing the sliding door.


Keep on Moving

Don't let dirt and dust build up in your lift and slide systems when using MACO. With the MACO brush technology which is fitted onto the roller carriage itself means there is less chance of dirt and dust building up along the rollers. Each Bristle of the brush is carefully placed into the roller carriage to ensure it is as effective as possible.


Zero barriers – Zero Compromise

Give your customers easy access for all the home with zero barrier thresholds when installing your lift and slide systems. MACO's zero barrier threshold makes for easy fabrication too with only one pocket having to be milled out in the fitting groove.


Pushing boundaries – Frameless fixed glazing

In addition to narrow frame friezes, frameless fixed glazing serves to continue the trend towards the ultimate design goal of achieving large-area glazing with minimal framing. The material savings are another compelling advantage of this construction, resulting in larger glass surfaces and improved U-values.

Accommodated at the bottom, the fixed glazing is surrounded by a thermally separated compensation profile. Externally, the entire lift & slide combination is protected against climatic effects by an aluminium cladding profile.


Gaskets, Weatherseals and Interlocks

To ensure that weather and acoustic performance MACO offers a full range of gaskets, weatherseals and interlock profiles designed specifically for lift and slide door systems. These are available in a range of colours and materials including Silicone for the highest possible performance under all conditions.

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