Listers’ Customers Pass their A-Levels

Lister Trade Frames of Stoke on Trent have just taken another leap forward in the Energy Efficiency arena by making their windows BFRC ‘A’ Energy Rated as standard.

Listers were one of the first companies in the UK to fully embrace and exploit the potential of the BFRC Window Energy Ratings Scheme.They have had a number of ‘firsts’ in this market including the first ‘A’ Rated domestic window installation some four years ago in 2006. Last year saw them receive the coveted Glass and Glazing G-09 Energy Efficiency Initiative Award at Wembley Stadium.
So why have they chosen now to go ‘A’ as Standard with their products? Phil Warren, Listers’ Sales Director, says that Listers felt that both the time and the technology were right: “Part-L, with its emphasis on ‘C’ energy rated windows is looming on the horizon but we have been ‘B’ rated as standard for two years now. We have continued to work with our suppliers to try and get a cost effective ‘A’ rated product and we have just achieved that. So, rather than just sit back, we decided to give our Trade Customers something that would raise them well above the crowd of ‘C’ raters soon to hit the market.”
I don’t think that anyone could ever accuse Listers of just ‘sitting back’, but this does seem to be out of kilter with some companies who say that ‘giving away’ ‘A’ rated products is just cheapening the scheme. What does Phil say to them?
“In a perfect world they would be right, but our industry is far from perfect. We all need to make a profit but you have to stay ahead of your competition too. We have worked hard at combining our manufacturing techniques with the latest glazing technologies to produce a cost effective ‘A’ rated product and this keeps us well ahead of the crowd. It also gives our Trade Customers the opportunity to make a little extra profit too, and that keeps them loyal to Listers.”
The last twelve months have see Listers growing again despite the recession and taking on new customers from their competitors at a regular rate. Many of those customers have joined Listers because of their marketing support, but Phil says that lots of them have joined at seeing the simplicity and benefits of buying complete BFRC licensed products from Listers one stop shop.
Listers have gone ‘A’ as standard with no extra costs for their customers and they have produced a complete range of marketing tools and materials to make selling them simple, including a completion pack and energy certificate with every order. This is one company that is definitely not afraid of the new regulations about to hit our industry with Part-L of the Building Regulations; they are positively relishing it!
Contact Phil Warren at Lister Trade Frames Ltd, 01782 391900.

600450 Listers’ Customers Pass their A-Levels

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