Level 3 Securities Announces Absolute Glass Goes Worldwide With Affordable Solutions

Date: 23 October 2004
Source: Yahoo
Level 3 Securities Market Performers this morning are: Absolute Glass Protection Inc., JDS Uniphase, and Lucent Technologies Inc.

This has been an extremely active year for hurricanes. Charley, Frances, Ivan and Gene caused billions of dollars in property damage, numerous injuries, and fatalities. Now, there is much activity concerning the rebuilding of homes, business and communities, and much of it involves glass. Absolute Glass Protection(TM) Inc. (ASLG) has affordable solutions for protecting glass and/or individuals under extremely violent weather conditions. More than ever, people will consider what ASLG can offer -- and investors can clearly see the value too!

Earlier this year the company announced the completion of their unique Automated Dry Lamination Equipment Division located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This division combines regular plate glass with the company's product line of safety and/or security film laminates, offering an extremely high tech, high volume, low cost solution for glass protection requirements. ASLG is ready to meet the demand for a better solution to broken glass by offering and supplying larger volumes via this process. ASLG is now actively seeking an alliance or joint venture relationship within the hurricane-devastated gulf coast region to set up an additional Automated Dry Lamination Equipment Division. This is good news for investors as it is expected to provide enhanced sales revenues for Absolute Glass!

Absolute Glass is now positioned to aggressively move forward with the sales and marketing of dealerships and products internationally. ASLG has a consulting agreement to assist in promoting the Company's products and dealership sales throughout Mexico and Central America. ASLG plans to be involved in markets such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, China and other Asian and European territories. Now is the time for this strong buy!

Absolute Glass Protection(TM), Inc. is a publicly traded company with its corporate facilities located in Las Vegas, Nevada. ASLG produces safety and security film laminates that work against thefts, accidents, bullets, explosions, terrorism, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. Their uniquely laminated films hold broken glass together like an invisible glove, creating a safety and security barrier for homes, and commercial, industrial or government buildings. Safety/security films are always on, working against thefts, accidents, bullets, explosions, terrorism, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. For more information visit www.aslg4you.com

Neither the information nor any opinion expressed herein constitutes an offer, or an invitation to make an offer, to buy or sell any securities or any options, futures or other derivatives, related to such securities. Level 3 Securities Inc. was compensated five thousand dollars for this opinion via third party. Level 3 Securities Inc. and its affiliates may trade for their own accounts in any securities of the issue (or issues) or in related investments. Level 3 Securities Inc. does not accept liability for any loss resulting from an investor's use of, or reliance, on this report. Level 3 Securities Inc. has obtained information from sources that are considered reliable but it is not guaranteed that this report is accurate or complete. Considerable reliance has been placed on information the company has released to the public domain or provided. However, no representation or warranty is made as to the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of the content. This report contains forward-looking statements, which involve risks and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ from those implied by these statements. It is intended that all forward-looking statements be covered by the "safe harbor" provisions of section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future results. The opinions expressed are of this date and Level 3 Securities, Inc. assumes no obligation to update, modify, or amend this report.

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Date: 23 October 2004
Source: Yahoo

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