Knauf Insulation now recycles tonnes of glass bottles from the municipality of Stupino

Knauf Insulation is driving a major recycling success in the Russian district of Stupino through a combination of innovative technology and a major breakthrough in bottle collection.  In early 2013 there was zero glass collection in the Moscow suburb city of 80,000 people.

Now with the backing of the local authority, Knauf Insulation has introduced 10 bottle recycling collection points around the district contributing a total of between three and five tonnes of glass every month to the company’s Stupino plant.

“The local impact has been considerable because Knauf Insulation is saving more than 50,000 tonnes of glass being sent to district landfill every year,” says Dmitry Kalinin, Knauf Insulation’s Regional Health Safety and Environment Manager. “We were lucky at Stupino because the administration were progressive, understood the importance of our collection points and supported the initiative with an extensive marketing. We are now keen to see the scheme replicated in nearby districts.”

Further reinforcing Knauf Insulation’s credentials as a recycling innovator, new technology has been introduced at the Stupino plant that identifies and removes problematic foreign matter from recycled glass during production. “The technology means that we can increase the range of recycled glass we process,” says Kalinin. “It is no exaggeration to say that most of the glass that is thrown away in Stupino ultimately ends up as energy-saving Knauf Insulation.”

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600450 Knauf Insulation now recycles tonnes of glass bottles from the municipality of Stupino
Date: 19 August 2014

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